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A Great Debate Question

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In light of the ongoing stupidity of election debates, staged so that we can pick the least-worst pudknocker to lead us Continue reading

Flash Fiction – 11th Ed.

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Life gets hectic sometimes, and mine is exactly that right now.  My favorite Flash Fiction instigator, Rochelle’s Purple Blog, triggered another round of tiny writing here.  On the writing front, I’m cranking away on Continue reading

Antivax, Antisense

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Here’s another gem right up there with Deflategate and Michael Moore’s un-shuttable fucking suckhole – the swelling tide of debate surrounding the pop-fly epidemics of Continue reading

Thanks For Nothing, Congress

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Nobody should be surprised that I’m so disgusted right now I could vomit.  A government shut down forced by two squabbling, childish, spoiled sides of what is supposed to be an elected body of our representatives.  In other words, they’re supposed to be looking out for our interests, not theirs.  Can they do this? Continue reading

Rantswers – 1.1

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I posted a Rantswers® piece a few days ago, and got an awesome response… this will be a three-part Rantswer® to all of your awesomesauce Continue reading

Random Thought #53

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I just ate a juicy but cooked chunk of pork chop fat.  Every time I eat pork like that, I think to myself, “Fuck you, Osama  motherfuckingincestuousgoatfuckerbastard Bin Laden, we fucking win!”

Just getting my own little jihad on…

Bill O’ Rights and Shit

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Hi there!  A short diversion here at the opening to say “Whazzup, bitches?” to all my Rants Army Homies.  I’m all home and all frustrated by Continue reading

Good Grief, What’s Up?

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Well, I’ve survived the epic snow dump thus far,  my only damage (if one could call it that) some lower back discomfort from the shovel work I did for MamaRants to clear the walk and driveway.  I find it amusing that these big storms make so much news.  I mean really – weather happens, people.  This wasn’t like the huge storm last year Continue reading

News That I Don’t Get

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I realize I did a post about completely whack news recently, but you know what? [What, Rants?] Well, homey, I simply cannot control the ludicrous crap that spews from the diseased maw of our mainstream media every day. [No way, Rants. I thought you had superduperpowers.] I know, I know. I do have some powers, like turning Continue reading

Making Sense Of Not Making Cents

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I’ve been watching the ongoing trickles of news about doing something about the penny with mildly flaccid interest. In case you’re still bound up in Whitney (she’s still dead) or the latest nonevents from the ‘let’s pick the least-worst GOP zombie’ duh-rama, there’s renewed interest in figuring out what to do about Continue reading