Bill O’ Rights and Shit

Hi there!  A short diversion here at the opening to say “Whazzup, bitches?” to all my Rants Army Homies.  I’m all home and all frustrated by the mountain of laundry I have simply to wash Afghanistan off of everything I mailed, shipped and carried home with me.  A detergent company owes me big time.  I’m eyefucking you, Proctor & Gamble.

On to the content, because content is what they call it when you type randomly online in a blog or twat… er, tweet format.  Sorry about that.  I guess I’m a twit… or twat… as well since I signed up for the microblogging experience while on mid-(pretty-much-near-the-end)-tour leave to help promote the asshattery that goes on here on this site.  That, and the fuckwittery, and the douche-lordshippery.

What is my post’s CONTENT Okay, to be honest I enjoy trolling all sides of the aisle when looking for news.  Left, douchebag, asshat, and then the other end of Fox, The Wall Street Journal, and The Atlantic entertain me each morning.  Not to cite a particular webpage, but I did read a captivating article about our Bill of Rights.

The idea here was to solicit ideas from the blogosphere and newsosphere… the ‘scary’ part of the interwebz… and try to come up with some ideas.  The idea, formed into a Jeopardy-esque question went like this:

What Constitutional amendment would you propose be added to the original and first Ten Amendments, which we ‘Murricans know as The Bill of Rights?

If you need a reference, see this link… God help you if I find out you have to use it, unless you’re one of my favorite Cañadans.  Maybe it’s Canadianianianianian.  Or some shit like that.

In other words, if you had a free pen to edit the Bill of Rights, what Amendment – or if you choose, wording to an existing Amendment – would you add?

Bring it the fuck on…

41 Responses to “Bill O’ Rights and Shit”

  1. I would add that we are allowed to exile people based on their IQ. We should have one country where all the dumbasses go, and let Darwin’s theory be put to test…

  2. Welcome back again. Would anyone listen if I submitted a suggestion for change? No.

  3. I’d make the 2nd Amendment more succinct – “Don’t fuck with law abiding peoples’ guns”.

  4. A Congress (or any governing body) that doesn’t get it’s job done may be summarily executed.
    I can’t see every citizen not ratifying that with a hearty “HELL YES!”

  5. The Elite of Just Alright Says:

    Speaking of Twatter, you never twat me anymore. (too far?)

  6. Redirect the concept of “Government Service” to be exactly that…….not a lucrative career track dripping with bennies not available to those who pay their sorry asses. Rule #1: If you don’t have a “job”, you can’t run for public office.

  7. Warrior Girl Says:

    I think we should rename the constitution, “Bill o Rights and Shit.” (Glad you made it home safely), Rants.

  8. Why, you dirty little double-stitch, sneaking back to the US of A without telling me, so I couldn’t ambush you at the gate with a big, sloppy … handshake. Yeah, handshake, that’s what I was gonna say….
    I’ve always kinda liked a “3 strikes” idea. You say 3 dumb things in public, be they counter-factual or just plain ignorant, and you instantly volunteer to show kids what a body would look like after falling from the top of Sears Tower. Yes, SEARS Tower. Always was, always will be, and you can STUFF calling it “Willis” Tower! :p
    (Sorry, was that just a tad too violent? 😀 )

  9. I would change the second amendment to limit who can have guns. You can have one because you’re defending your country, but not every Tom, Dick or Harry should have one!

  10. And I didn’t even have to look it up!

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