Flash Fiction – 11th Ed.

Life gets hectic sometimes, and mine is exactly that right now.  My favorite Flash Fiction instigator, Rochelle’s Purple Blog, triggered another round of tiny writing here.  On the writing front, I’m cranking away on a space opera that with any luck might just run to five books.  Gotta keep my focus.  The shit just fills my head sometimes without bidding.

If you want to try Flash Fiction, check out Rochelle’s weekly offerings and follow the rules.  One-hundred words or less that describe a coherent story.  Give it a try!

Copyright - Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Copyright – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


Ambassador Hayward stared through the ornate ceiling.  He imagined his home, one light-second away.

“Why Paris?” he thought.  “Peace talks here never go well.”

The contingent of Earth droned on.  Hayward snapped back to now.  The American said something.

“And Luna will acknowledge our need for resources?” the American, Benton, asked.

“Perhaps,” Hayward waved a hand.

Benton frowned.  The Brit, Chinese and Russian followed.

“You presume to dictate terms, Ambassador Hayward,” Benton asked, “to nine billion people?”

“Yes.  Never forget,” Hayward added, “rocks fall down, not up.”

Ambassador Hayward smiled with confidence.

(92 words)

– – – – –

Critique and general abuse are all welcome.  Use the comment button/box below and share your ideas for improvement.  I’ve added a page that highlights any and all writing I’m doing.  Go here.

24 Responses to “Flash Fiction – 11th Ed.”

  1. With the law of gravity on his side, i’m sure he can smile. Nicely done and a unique take on the prompt.

  2. Dear BR,

    A refreshingly unique take on the prompt. I understand about things just randomly downloading into your head. It happens to me all the time.



  3. Nine billion people now. Well, that’s quite a responsibility! The ambassador appears up to the task. Nice, tightly knit story, Rants. Well done. Good luck on the space opera.

  4. I think this is one of your better efforts. I liked it. 🙂

  5. Given the gravity of peace talks (pun intended), I would think Earth would be the last place to hold them (another pun!). 😉 Great story!

  6. Earth’s arrogance is always their downfall, love the science fiction take! Keep on writing!

  7. Nice take on the prompt

  8. I think the negotiations will give him what he wants…

  9. “, “rocks fall down, not up.” That line cracked me up.
    “WHy Paris? Peace talks here never go well” Snort.
    Well done, great character development.
    Much of a well written story is what is between the lines and suggested.
    Carefully crafty – and funny! Twilight Zone worthy!

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