A Great Debate Question

In light of the ongoing stupidity of election debates, staged so that we can pick the least-worst pudknocker to lead us toward ruin, I propose a question for the next round of televised asshattery:

Given that fat bottomed girls do in fact make the rockin’ world go ’round, what will you do as President to use that resource and alleviate global warming while freeing the United States from dependence on oil and assuring total energy independence?

I am waiting patiently for the answers.

Mic Drop On The Way

Mic Drop On The Way

34 Responses to “A Great Debate Question”

  1. If that doesn’t work out, they can always have everyone ride their bicycle (their bike) and ride it where they like. That way, there will be less demand for fossil fuels.

  2. Speaking as a fat-bottomed girl, I would suggest we generate energy by running on a treadmill. I, myself, could heat the entire population of Boston for a year.

  3. Well, maybe bring up the topic of immigration, and harness all the hot air from the mouths and steam of anger from the ears, of the candidates. *grin*

  4. I didn’t watch it. Hot air should negate the need for fat bottom.energy. Liars.

  5. Wait, wait, you’re wrongly thinking in the active tense. If you make fat-bottomed girls run on treadmills, it’s just like using oil – both re a finite resource that will quickly go away. Instead, use demographics. Fat-bottomed girls like lots of space, hence large houses, hence large roofs. Cover said roofs with solar panels, and generate non-CO2-producing electricity! Since they also like larger cars (for larger seats, in both senses of the term), you have lots of roof space for solar plus lots of floor space to hold renewable fuels like alcohol (with alcohol’s lower energy potential, you need more of it to go as far as gasoline).

    And to rebut those who would prefer skinny girls, might I point out that insulation is the cheapest way to cut energy costs, and thus, rather than insulate a house, it makes more sense to insulate oneself? (Hence fat-bottomed girls use less energy to change their environment, due to better insulation! 😀 )

    Now, if you want a treatise on how to hold a GOP debate every week during the winter to completely eliminate the need for fossil fuel heating, just whistle. You know how to whistle, right? (Oh, sorry, wrong cultural reference. Guess I shouldn’t watch Turner Classic Movies while writing an MTV-style answer. 😉 )

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