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Retardidment: The Job Hunt

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Here we go again with the bitter Rantings® of a man forced to stop doing the one job he loved and actually could do without serious consequences.  Yeah, that’s me, BrainRants®.  I’m tired of linking more than three times to previous posts, so I made a whole new RantsPage® to collect this assemblage of awesomehood. Continue reading

AutoTopic: What Does Wealth Mean To You?

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This AutoTopic sat in the drafts for a while. Of course, the recent Mega Million lottery thing sparked some thought on the topic, and sort of enabled me to think about the subject beyond dreams of having Continue reading

Making Sense Of Not Making Cents

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I’ve been watching the ongoing trickles of news about doing something about the penny with mildly flaccid interest. In case you’re still bound up in Whitney (she’s still dead) or the latest nonevents from the ‘let’s pick the least-worst GOP zombie’ duh-rama, there’s renewed interest in figuring out what to do about Continue reading

Being a Professional

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I mentioned that I’m outside the wire again, running loose and causing general mayhem outside of the Kansas state borders. Continue reading

AutoTopic: Do You Think Money Can Buy Happiness?

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You know these Word Press AutoTopic things might be a crutch but a lot of the time they set me up nicely for a rant, screed, or other random scattering of my mental marbles.  Sort of like a digital straight-man.  Anyway, the answer to that is a definite but qualified NO.

Obviously nobody’s established a Happiness Outlet in any mall I’ve ever been in (not that I willingly venture into malls).  Perhaps if you believe the advertising, they have, but in the end there’s not really any one thing that once purchased will make a person happy.  Bacon comes close, but it of course is fleeting.  And fattening.

There are probably a lot of great, awesome quotes I could look up that address ‘buy happiness’ topic, and some of them are funny.  I said above that my ‘no’ was qualified, and it is.  To lead into the explanation, my own quote:

“Life is like a shit sandwich.  The more bread you have, the less shit you eat at once.”

               – BrainRants, 2011

I am pretty sure I crafted that entirely myself.  Feel free to sling that one around as you see fit.  Most recently I’ve used it to illustrate the importance of having a job to Daughter Unit The First.  The point of it, in case you missed it in your bout of eye-watering laughter, is that money might not buy happiness but having enough of it sure does go a long way toward taking the rough edges off of life.

Understand here that my experience in this subject is based on the corresponding opposite condition.  The Army is a lot of fun and adventure, and that is part of the reason I stay in because it sure doesn’t pay well in spite of what the propaganda says.  I don’t have a lot of money and never did, but I’m minimally bright enough to be able to see how having more – sometimes big piles of it more – would really, really help get past things or fix shit faster that needs fixing.  I wouldn’t want to win a lottery or jackpot – too much publicity and too many whackjobs and slickie-boys then trying to separate you from your windfall. That, and I’ve come to know that you can’t truly appreciate anything unless you earn it. In the meantime I’ll choke down those poopy bites, heavy on the poo.

So that’s my two cents on that topic.