Thanks For Nothing, Congress

Nobody should be surprised that I’m so disgusted right now I could vomit.  A government shut down forced by two squabbling, childish, spoiled sides of what is supposed to be an elected body of our representatives.  In other words, they’re supposed to be looking out for our interests, not theirs.  Can they do this?  Apparently not.

Who am I blaming?  All of them, every last one, in both Houses, across both parties.

Why?  Because partisanship, playing “gotcha,” and personality are more important that keeping our country running smoothly.  They’ve efficiently investigated such massive and critical issues that threaten our national well-being like steriod use in Major League Baseball.  Somehow, though, keeping the government liquid is a small, fleeting issue of little importance.

How this asses me up: Not only do all the Government Civilians get sent home – without pay – we uniformed military are not being paid either.  However, since the rules are different for us, we keep working.

Even Better: Before anyone comments about the legislation that was passed (minor miracle) to ensure the military are paid in spite of a shutdown, keep in mind we in uniform have two options for our pay: once a month (at the end of the month) or twice a month (the mid- and end of the month).  Knowing that, and knowing that most of our elected ‘officials’ will wake the fuck up before the 15th of this month, what good does that little legislative gesture do?

Answer: Not a fuck lot of good at all, unless you can stand in front of a camera and make sure the public knows you “care” and that you “ensured your support” for the military.  Guess you look good.

The Enablers: That sound byte above comes with a smile, by the way, because our Lamestream Media are all too happy to fellate anyone who works on The Hill so long as it can be spun into something critical, dramatic and urgent-sounding to wedge in between watching the latest drudge on some coked-up starlet’s epic meltdown or a pampered child performer’s newest tantrum.  I have no idea how the media can stand each other’s breath, what with the fetid stench of elected cock saturating it day and night.

The Knife, Thrust and Twisted:  After all this ranting, guess who keeps getting paid no matter what?  Hint: I’m not talking about the media.

83 Responses to “Thanks For Nothing, Congress”

  1. Well, we know at least 537 people continue to collect pay. Disgusting. Truly. They should be ashamed, but aren’t. They should all grow balls and renounce their pay til this clusterfuck is over, but won’t. Way to go.

  2. One can only shake a bottle so much before the top pops off, then everybody gets covered in a sticky mess. Not looking good.

  3. NotAPunkRocker Says:

    Thank you for clarifying about the military pay.

    Normally, I am the strongest supporter of my party, but NOT right now.

  4. I try to take deep breaths and remind myself that politicians have always – always – been self-serving scum, that we are not really at a low point in history. But I’m not entirely sure.

    I’ve always taken a perverse comfort in Churchill’s quote about how “you can always count on the Americans to do the right thing, once they’ve exhausted all the alternatives” but I really don’t know how we get out of this political situation.

    I’ve also always tried to avoid the out of blaming the media, but where the fuck is our “4th branch government”? As you mention, they’ve become loudspeakers for the government talking points and that’s insane. Once that’s happened, and no one’s vigilantly, defiantly taking the government to task, you’re screwed. Once the media fuels the fire of partisanship at all costs, at the cost of a functioning government… where are we?

  5. “Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.”

    “It could probably be shown by facts and figures that there is no distinctly native American criminal class except Congress.”

    ~Mark Twain

    Rants, that sucks about your pay. 😦 I lost respect for Congress a long time ago. Totally dysfunctional.

  6. Well said BR. There is no language too strong to describe what is going on. My sympathies to you and all the government workers not getting paid until the spoiled ones feel like playing again.

  7. We are nervous, I won’t lie. We spent our savings paying off our debt so we don’t have much saved up right now. If my husband does not get paid we will be living off my part time paycheck. I can’t imagine the stress those who don’t live in housing are feeling right now. At least we don’t have to worry about rent.

  8. In the end, we vote the same asshats in again and again.
    And if we haven’t learned our lesson (yes, all of us – and if someone didn’t vote, then they can shut the fuck up and take their share of the blame too), then we deserve it.

    Including me, since I can be as paritsan as the next dickhead.

  9. The only comfort I have is that someone who has a ton of money will probably sue them. Let me know if you need a loan!

  10. I have nothing nice to say about our elected Taint Stains, so I won’t say it.

  11. Pits – and not talking about dogs.
    As always there are those who prefer to be in the spotlight rather than working like they are supposed to. It’s worse with the instant reporting media/social media these days – especially as those are no longer neutral reporting sources…now they seem to enjoy provoking anger and division.
    We are all tired of the childish name calling and posturing and self promoting.
    Leadership means finding common ground and working together – not “it’s my way or the highway” and sitting isolated with nose in the air because they are “right” (which both parties are guilty of)
    US image takes another hit.
    The people who pay the bills suffer.
    And the honorable men and women who defend this country are punished.
    Looking at what always gets closed first, it’s pretty clear it’s done it inflict as much pain as possible to gain political coin.

  12. Whey they announced last night that it was official, I cursed up a storm for about 5 solid minutes. Those little motherfuckers. I blame all of them too, it’s not just the GOP, it’s all of them. I’d call them children but that’s an insult to children. I can only imagine how much this sucks for the military and so many other people who depend on the government for their paycheck. I hate them all. So fucking much. I blame the media too because they’re just as complicit. They do nothing to help. The media are supposed to be another check and balance, but instead they’re passive, sycophantic observers. Miserable little bastards, all of them. It makes me ashamed of my country and I fucking hate that feeling.

  13. I wrote something like this myself this morning…your night, knowing that many friends would be working in DoD schools around the world for no pay. Other friends were sent home and have already taken huge hits this summer due to the furloughs. Yes, both sides are to blame. And the crazies who put them out of work are still getting their checks, their health care, their allowances…

    Clearly none of them really care about America.

  14. After Obama’s speech yesterday, I was surprised they went ahead and did it. Of course they would cut the military’s pay, but the post office is still going strong and they do nothing but deliver bad news.

  15. dentaleggs Says:

    Disgraceful, despicable, power-hungry bastards who care only for themselves and their corporate, fucking, CEO cronies that line their goddamn pockets with blood money. Goddamn it. Fuckers!

    Pardon me…

  16. dentaleggs Says:

    Great. Now I feel filthy for my filthy mouth. Shit.

  17. I am continuously amazed by your government. Since Obama got elected, it seems like all your politicians have done is try to block anything he has tried to do, instead of governing the country. Why doesn’t someone tell these people to just grow up? And they won’t do their jobs, as they were elected to do, why not stop their pay until they actually do what they’re being paid to do?

  18. You know, back in 1812, several units of the British Army burned down DC – led by my adoptive British unit, the Coldstream Guard. If you can get me a helo flight to DC, I’ll be glad to do a live-fire (and I ain’t talking bullets) re-enactment for you! 😀
    Betcha if Congress were the FIRST to not get paid, we’d already have funding through 2014, minimum!

  19. This is stupid. Really stupid. Arrogant, stubborn assholes who claim they’re doing what “the people” want. Fuck off. No one wants a shut down, no matter their feelings on Obamacare.

  20. Our bunch of prize fuck-wits are busy doing the same thing down here, no wonder they call us the 51st state!

  21. WAIT!? Since when has Congress been efficient? And if you think you got it bad (although you do, and A LOT from what I can see), just google Colombian Government. THE FREAKING PRESIDENT IS CORRUPT. (Seriously though, sorry about that)

  22. Watched CNN World when I woke up and saw all those veterans at the WWII monument being used as pawns by various congressmen and women. So I wrote about it. This one is for you Rants.

  23. […] was inspired by the government shutdown, and also by my friend Rants. If you haven’t read his stellar screed on Congress, you should do so right fucking […]

  24. When the government fails to this degree, all elected branches should be immediately fired and re-elections should begin immediately. If that were in place, we wouldn’t be in this place now. There’s simply no threat to them. And, obviously, they need one.

  25. They’ll come around or they know they’ll be voted out. This is all smoke & mirrors, a good show to scare us all up.

    But just in case the country shuts down, you are cordially invited to my spot on the Gulf coast.We are adept in survival skills involving lots of fresh seafood, survival skills and plenty of fresh bacon ( the hogs are overrunning our woods – hunting season is OPEN).

  26. Um, edit that, please…after fresh seafood, that should read, “homemade wine & beer”

    No comment.

  27. Rants,
    Corruption is a prerequisite of being a successful politician, as you know. This is not surprising as much as it is embarrassing; apparently the players will go to any length to prove to the world that we as a country endorse fucking over our own people for whatever agenda. If people are harmed, how is political warfare any different than the kind we rail against elsewhere. It’s NOT. The results are the same. We sacrifice our own to prove a point. They should be ashamed. I am ashamed.

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  29. Amen … every damn one of them is to blame.

  30. Good rant… I still have no idea why we haven’t fixed this problem already – that congress gets paid for messing around while other government employees have to go without. Completely ridiculous. I hadn’t even thought of all the time they wasted on steroids in baseball and other issues that the federal government really shouldn’t be involved in… let baseball manage baseball. Ugh.

  31. So true!!!…All this cry in Jesus eyes.

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