Antivax, Antisense

Here’s another gem right up there with Deflategate and Michael Moore’s un-shuttable fucking suckhole – the swelling tide of debate surrounding the pop-fly epidemics of measles and the idiot parents who caused it to happen.

I get pissed about a lot of things, and stupidity ranks right up there tied for Numero Uno next to Congress, Bieber, wasting my time, and dolls whose eyes move.  Actually, the dolls creep me out, but that pisses me off too, so by extension, #1 also.

Thanks to the bubbleheaded Jenny McCarthy, who like all mediocre Hollywood would-bes that spout off in political arenas where they’re so very well-versed, we now have a generation of kids growing up susceptible to the viral scourges that killed off our grandparents and great-grandparents.  Neat, huh?  Great way to understand how people lived back when.  Make that your fucking science project, and thank your mother for believing in an actress (term used carelessly) giving you medical advice.  Because why wouldn’t you listen to a famous person who has no medical degree?

Flash forward to now.  I, along with all the other sound-thinking Rants Army members out there reading, have to endure even more stupidity.  It comes from several angles of attack.

First, there’s the douche canoes who allowed their spawn to skip the vax… cuz Jenny said.  Their kids, surprise surprise, are falling ill with diseases nobody bothered to report on in my lifetime.  Until now.  Like mama always said, stupid is as stupid is.  You can’t fix it, and it can curse your offspring.  They’re upset because nobody will let their kids play with others anymore.

Second, we have the mass of Outraged Parents.  They deserve capital letters because they’re Outraged.  One sick trend of our fucked up society is the increasing trend to wallow in our own victimhood.  This epidemic provides the perfect vehicle.  So let’s analyze the logic:  “My kid had vaccinations, but I’m a victim and therefore Outraged.  Therefore, I will boycott / fatwa / give dirty looks to those who didn’t vax their kids.”  Because your vaccinated kids are… in danger?  I want to line them up and slap them, but the line is too long and even my epic, callused bitchslap hand would hurt.

Third, we now have politicians and the Lamestream Media pundits who blow them generating all the media coverage that sparked my epic case of the ass on this subject.  Why is this important?  Why do we now have to listen to the 2016 race debate touch on this?  Trust me, it will not influence my decision on who the least-worst fucktard is to “lead” us, because I’m vaccinated and so will that retard be.

Fourth – and I’m being all predictive here – at some point, some swizzle stick will equate this vaccination issue with abortion in terms of rights.  Then we’ll get the New Feminists weighing in because they’re Outraged too.  Let me add my voice first so you can proceed to ignore me.  There’s no connection.  Is vaccination about rights?  Yes.  Is it the same as abortion?  Fuck no.  Why?  Because you can’t get pregnant by being breathed or sneezed on.

Here’s a thought problem: let’s say I decide that I won’t let the government tell me how to live, so I opt to remove my brakes from my car.  I bet some Highly Outraged Parent will rain mighty crossness down upon me when I plow the fuck out of their little booger-licker in a crosswalk.  But hey, I have rights, right?


This issue goes back to public safety, and people tend to lose sight in our zeal to appear Libertarian (i.e., another fucking politician) that laws exist to protect us as much as they sometimes limit and constrain us.  Everyone has the right to be outraged, just like I have the right to click or shut off the news when my o-ring gives up and I spew the angry gas the media gives me by watching alone.

I’m close to wanting off this planet.  I’ll be under my rock here if anyone needs me.

40 Responses to “Antivax, Antisense”

  1. I’ll bet money the people who voice the loudest concern over the evils of vaccinations are the same ones who lose their minds over ebola in the U.S.

    • Or would get pissed when I exercise my Constitutional right to a shitty looking lawn that they have to be forced to look at. Ask Governor Christie about your statement.

  2. LIfe here has been so easy – so safe here people have never experienced epidemics: children and adults – your neighbors – falling ill and dying or being damaged for the rest of their lives.
    Being ancient, I remember polio – the fear on adults’ faces, how that summer you didn’t go where big crowds were and many recreational places closed and no one seemed to know how to stop it. All those wards of iron lungs.
    That all stopped with vaccinations.
    Once again, those that don’t know history are bound to repeat it….

  3. Stop messaging me

    Wyatt Grathler.


  4. This rant is awesome. I was vaxed and suddenly I need a booster shot. No. I will take my chances. I’m not qualified to say one way or the other regarding others’ kids that may not have received the vax. I live under my own rock and am more than ready to leave this one.

  5. Oh my goodness! Jenny McCarthy? She’s famous and must therefore be smart…Not!

    You make some great points. One person’s right to be stupid, does not trump everyone’s safety. If folks want their right to be stupidly unsafe, they can go emigrate to an island and be happy and stupid – over there – until it kills them.

  6. Even though I’m in my late 30s, when I decided to start working on my grad certificate at the university I work at I had to either cough up proof that I’d had the measles vaccination or get it again. And lucky me, I couldn’t find the record. So I got the shots, both of them. And I did not mind one fucking bit. The only thing worse than small booger-lickers spreading disease is lazy ass college kids who have no interest in taking care of themselves spreading disease.

  7. Antivaxers are really upping my fears for my nieces and nephew. An outbreak of measles should be a big sign that their kids are a threat to the health of other kids. Every time a celeb says no to vaccinating, I feel disappointment. And I get even more scared when I see a politician go anti-vaccination! Most of us who have been vaccinated are living quite well and healthy. We can live life happy knowing we will not get severely sick and not pass severe illnesses on to others. Anti-vaccination is simply about these people having a right to say no. It’s not based on anything more from what I’ve seen in interviews.

    • I’m scared anytime a celeb says anything besides their lines. However, some things I believe should NOT be optional. People can shout about rights all they want, but this one has the ability to impact on others, not just the person exercising their ‘rights.’

  8. Even though I had medical proof that vaccinations made my son ill, I still got him done at the right times. We just planned for days off school if needed and extra care until the after effects passed.

  9. […] he got feedback, and in fact, most, if not all where all positive-on-his-side comments. The blog was very easy to navigate. only needed thing was to scroll down. there was no […]

  10. Remember last year when I seceded from the human race? This type of shit is EXACTLY why I did so. There are idiots on every side trying to shout over the others.

  11. Jenny McFucktard is an asshole.

  12. I’m catching up on blogs, sorry for the
    lateness but yeh, I think it was a conspiracy by jenny to take over the world one baby at a time.

  13. Is Jenny a ‘tard, or a turd? I don’t know but I do know I want to flush twice just to make sure she goes down; but she’s only the symptom, not the disease. The disease is the amazing number of people who listen to her ’cause she has an opinion and they don’t. 🙄

  14. I like to compare those parents who chose not to vaccinate & then are outraged because there is an epidemic that might make their kids sick to people who want to yell “Fire!” in a crowded theatre. Although it is actually against the law to yell fire in a theatre, some asswipe probably fought against it at some point because they were losing their right to free speech.
    I suffered through measles, mumps, chicken pox & had some pretty miserable weeks because no one had come up with a vaccine yet! I was born with Spina Bifida because no one yet knew extra folic acid during pregnancy helps babies develop better bones & fights against some birth defects like Spina Bifida.
    So, if the smart people have come up with ways to treat or prevent illnesses, then take advantage of them!

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