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Grab The Moon

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This post will be a lengthy one because I have a lot to recount here about my day, and word count or attention span for this event isn’t a factor.  Those are irrelevant by comparison. Continue reading

Flash Fiction – 11th Ed.

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Life gets hectic sometimes, and mine is exactly that right now.  My favorite Flash Fiction instigator, Rochelle’s Purple Blog, triggered another round of tiny writing here.  On the writing front, I’m cranking away on Continue reading


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I wanted to sneak in  here and get some bandwidth while I can over here to post a brief memorial for Neil Armstrong.  I saw notice of his death in the news.  This post, by necessity scheduled for later, will be late coming but no less heartfelt.

I for one mourn the loss of this American.  I don’t have to regurgitate his biography; you all can do that yourselves, and honestly you ought to.  I believe that someday, history will continue to mark July 20th, 1969 as a pivotal moment in the history not of the United States, but rather all of humanity.  Mr. Armstrong was the first in what will become a long line of humans to walk on other worlds.

Longtime followers may recall a half-inebriated post or two of mine last year detailing my application – even at my age – to the Army Astronaut Program.  All of the snark aside, I was entirely serious and willing to become an astronaut.  In truth, I have since I was about four years old.  In spite of the obstacles, I still would.

Men such as Neil Armstrong were and are the inspiration to me and many others.  We should remember them well.

Interplanetary Rant

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This rant has been stored up somewhere in my head (or ass, if there’s any difference) for years, and it recently just occurred to me after I read some news story about the piles of scattered shit the Sun keeps way out on the edges of the Solar System like old cars at the edges of Continue reading

Hitting The Road: Another Update

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I really wish I were wealthy, so that I could pay someone to follow me and slap me across the face violently to bring me back to my senses when necessary. Then again, …more update…