About This Site

I sit in a lot of meetings, some on the telephone, some in person, some inside my own head.  Did I mention that there are a lot of them? A. Lot. Of. Meetings…

Anyway, part of my strategy in dealing with the mental torture of listening to a group of people babble about the obvious, divert the discussion, or make pointless observations is to inject some humor into the event.  So I am often told things like, “Dude, you should have your own show.”  Other times I hear: “Where did that come from?”  Or, occasionally, “Eeew!”

I’ve always wanted to write and I wondered if I had the dedication to churn out about 500 words every day.  I still don’t know if I’ll ever write anything longer than a blog post, but I’m still thinking on the matter.  Maybe I’ll just collect the good stuff from here and publish a pamphlet…

This blog also turned out to be great therapy for me.  I began after my first tour in Afghanistan when I found my head full of thoughts and ideas, many of which I felt compelled by but had no outlet.  Many of those thoughts were angry, or irritated.  Turned out I had mild PTSD – probably still do – but this forum gave my anger and frustration a voice… and an outlet.

So I researched blogs and this site (WordPress – no shameless plugging intended) seemed to offer a streamlined method with the hope of a strong anti-spamblog tool.  True to their word, as advertised, it was so easy even a caveman like me could successfully blog.  And so here I am, inflicting myself on you.  Shoulda picked the blue pill, huh?

Note: if you put ‘branrants’ into The Google, you get some other results.  Perhaps I ought to have done that before I picked the name, but the WordPress process kept rejecting all my best ideas – they were already taken.  At this point I hope the folks who share similar names for their sites don’t get pissed about this, because there was no intent to infringe on anyone or anything.

33 Responses to “About This Site”

  1. I leave the seat up because I want the women-folk to know that I was considerate enough not to whiz on the seat when it’s down. Try that approach next time and let me know if it works for you. I haven’t had anyone buy it from my end yet.

  2. Rants! Can I ask you for a favor?

  3. It is my pleasure to inform you that you’ve been nominated for the Very Inspirational Blogger Award!

    Have a look at this page to see the rules of participation: http://momusnews.wordpress.com/2013/03/21/a-very-inspiring-blogger-award/

    Thanks for being inspiring!

  4. […] BrainRants. (BR is a new follower, but he’s been very engaging on the site and we’ve traded emails back and forth.  He’s a pretty cool guy and funny as hell.) […]

  5. Hey Rants – I bet you know all these sites, but was cruising around the internet and happened on this one and thought of you – http://www.healingcombattrauma.com/

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  8. I have a hard time giving compliment, because I’m such a buttface, but I really like your blog. We here at RoughTradeBlog think you might be so inclined to feel the same way about us, but you know, maybe not. Either way, entertaining stuff, bud.

  9. […] Brainrants – I win. […]

  10. […] BrainRants Unshitty Question: Blunt Life Coach, what is your favorite way to dispose of bodies after you […]

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