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Dunkin’ Dillhole

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I don’t mind standing in lines.  Most of the time, it’s a choice between something you want or not getting it.  In this case, my object of need was caffeine provided by my favorite coffee purveyor.  Continue reading

And So I Found This…

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My post about the elderly Asian pole dancer got some good attention.  I’m not really surprised, though, because that’s something a lot more entertaining than say, the fucking sky Continue reading

Random Thought #66

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Here are the three times your nose will be guaranteed to itch:

1. Cleaning the toilet

2. Cooking with meat blood up to your fucking elbow

3. Sex with someone of great significance

Because it sucks ass being me.

Random Thought #65

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Holy fuckchunks!  Carrots are fucking ORANGE.  Like, really orange.  Have you stopped and really observed that shit?


I fucking hate the color orange.

Cookin’ With Rants: Beef Stroganoff

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I made this the other weekend on a late-breaking change of mind and the experience reminded me of just how wonderfully filling and decadent this heartstopper Continue reading

Road Trip

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Question for you:  Would you drive eight hours, over 550 miles, for a hamburger?  For most people, the answer to this is Continue reading

Cookin’ With Rants: Awesome Oriental Soup

Posted in Awesome, Food with tags , , , , on December 30, 2013 by BrainRants

This awesomesauce – almost literally – is something that has now been reviewed by my bestie as well as none other than MamaRants.  Both returned Continue reading

Cookin’ With Rants: Italian Awesome

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Hold on to your colons, people.  I have an awesome recipe for y’all here today.  This comes to me via a good friend who wishes to remain anonymous.  Suffice it to say Continue reading

Cooking With Rants: Crock Pot Wonders #2 – Made-Rights

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This is an old (based on my saggy-man-boob-ancient body)(yeah, I suck) recipe from my childhood that Mama Rants used to make frequently for dinners Continue reading

Rantswers 2.1

Posted in Awesome, Fred, Humor, Random, Rant, Rantswers with tags , , , , , , , , , , , on August 19, 2013 by BrainRants

All right, Rants Army, here’s the Rantswers for the second round of my advice/punishment column where I take on any and all reader questions.  Another great month Continue reading