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People You Meet On The Bus

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One of the unalloyed joys of being me is the necessity of using public transportation.  Monday through Friday, I haul my carcass Continue reading

How To Drive Like A Virginian

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An entire fucking year ago I shat a post about the joys of living in Virginia.  Another blogger asked about the state slogan, ‘Virginia is for lovers.’  I say: bullfuckingshit.  Lovers might be here, but they’re obviously Continue reading

Where Is Rants?

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Pardon me while I type and eat some Burrito Lasagna, courtesy of my wife, the tiny lady who’s devoting her life to making me epic fat.  Because my portion control issue Continue reading

Retardidment: The Medical Shit

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Yes, I’m still alive.  Some of you lame songwriter hopefuls might be disappointed in this news, but there you go.  I’ve given you two posts Continue reading

Random Thought #69

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Why no electrons?!

We can slingshot a probe around Jupiter to take pictures of Pluto, send one to orbit a comet, and another straight the fuck out of the Solar System.  My cable company cannot arrive to fix their equipment sooner than today, after five days of no internet or cable.

Douchebags In The Sky

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Unless you live under a rock or, like me, projectile vomit upon reading or seeing news feeds these days, you’ve heard of the great debate over Continue reading

Moving Adventures

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This post is long, long overdue.  I blame the Army and the bastards at the several moving ‘companies’ who have mangled my Continue reading

Giving The Finger Like A Boss

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So here we are once again, you finally reading, and me making excuses as to why I’m not writing.  I’ve got a doozy Continue reading

Living Single-Handed: The Left Part

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Most of you know at this point that I went and had shoulder surgery four weeks ago to correct a torn rotator cuff and some other work to get rid of Continue reading

Who’s Stupid? Arizona, Or…?

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Someone help me out here.  I’ve tracked the recent headlines about the beyond-questionable proposed law put before Governor Jan Brewer Continue reading