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Retardidment: The Medical Shit

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Yes, I’m still alive.  Some of you lame songwriter hopefuls might be disappointed in this news, but there you go.  I’ve given you two posts Continue reading

Retardidment: The Army Shit

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I mentioned here recently that I’m retiring from the military.  I promised to write something entertaining about the three big muscle movements involved, and “Army Shit” is the first.  Before I dive into that Continue reading


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I’ve obviously not been posting regularly, even on Long Awkward Pause where I collaborate and contribute.  I’m just about in hot water with them over that but I think I’m dog paddling very well. Continue reading

Memorial Day 2015

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american-flagI’ve ranted before about Memorial Day on this blog in a post here and another one here.  I wanted to do another this year, but I don’t like to recycle posts and there’s only so much glorification one can do, even for an important day like Memorial Day.  Today isn’t Memorial Day, but more on that later. Continue reading

The Right Tool

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I’ve done some writing here on this blog with the Friday Flash Fictioneers.  That’s a lot of fun but rather limited in scope given that you have 100 words to go with and an inspiration picture.  I’ve bragged about writing a novel and Continue reading

And So I Found This…

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My post about the elderly Asian pole dancer got some good attention.  I’m not really surprised, though, because that’s something a lot more entertaining than say, the fucking sky Continue reading

Moving Adventures

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This post is long, long overdue.  I blame the Army and the bastards at the several moving ‘companies’ who have mangled my Continue reading


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So, dear demented followers, I’m here in Virginia.  Why, you ask?  Simple: I’m looking Continue reading

D-Day… Today

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I feel compelled to put up a post about today, the 70th anniversary of the Allied invasion of Normandy Continue reading

I Love Fucking With The Man

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Don’t believe the title? Well, I do. Why? Because I have little future in the Army so I’m going to have fun with what Continue reading