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Random Thought #65

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Holy fuckchunks!  Carrots are fucking ORANGE.  Like, really orange.  Have you stopped and really observed that shit?


I fucking hate the color orange.

Password Protection

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I’m getting pretty chapped about the endless list of passwords I need and the Byzantine procedures required to log into most web sites today. Admittedly, the root cause of this rash is the fact that hackers can’t seem to let well enough alone and make life hell for …more passwords…

When I Grow Up

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I love it when I have an interesting and original blog idea. This one is inspired by two loyal members of the Rants Army who cycle through bouts of relative age jokes and accusations of homoerotic activities. Thus provided with …more old Rants…

Angry Rant: Pointing in the Wrong Direction

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I hate Power Point. 

Nothing comes close to sitting in a meeting where the briefer starts out the event by saying something brilliant like, “In the next eighty-six slides I will summarize the blah blah blah…”

Really?  Summarize?  Seriously?  No, what really happens then is the assclown Continue reading