Random Thought #65

Holy fuckchunks!  Carrots are fucking ORANGE.  Like, really orange.  Have you stopped and really observed that shit?


I fucking hate the color orange.

74 Responses to “Random Thought #65”

  1. What a revelation.

  2. Perhaps you should re-title these gems as Deep Thoughts!

  3. Umm…so did you enjoy what sounds like the first carrot you’ve ever encountered? 😉

  4. thekayliediary Says:

    I’m so inspired *no sarcasm* thank you for making my day!

  5. whiteladyinthehood Says:

    The little baby ones are good dipped in Ranch dressing.

  6. Eat enough of them and you’ll be orange, too. Really
    Apparently hearing your concerns, some wacky scientists have developed maroon colored carrots.(university colors).

  7. Hey BrainRants, did you know that oranges…..are orange!!!! MINDFUCK!!!!

  8. Are you high? This seems like a marijuana-induced thought.

  9. Orange was Sinatra’s favorite color. Really.

    “Orange is the happiest color.”

    He actually said that.

  10. Do you pronounce it oh-ran-geh or or-nge?

  11. How can you not like ORANGE?? Orange is awesome! Like rocket booster flame orange or ginger-haired children awesome or Sam Elliott’s mustache awesome! Wait, Sam Elliot’s mustache is gray…


  12. I have! And just recently too because I’ve been snacking more on carrots lately rather than chips. Carrots are indeed VERY ORANGE. Not only are they orange but they are very crunchy & make a lot of noise when you eat them.

  13. I only liked this because you taught me a new word. Fuckchunks! I like it. I also like carrots and the color orange.

  14. Were you drunk your whole life ?
    I hate Carrots because I had a traumatizing experience with them.

  15. I love to live in your head for a day. Fuckchucks great word.

  16. Wait for it: They can also be purple.

  17. And Cheetos are orange. And Doritos! OMG, orange is taking over the world…

  18. is a baby carrot orange as well? O.o

  19. Hahaha
    The Little Prince thinks that orange is the greatest gift of being alive. He tears into carrots, stuffing them down his gob, faster than we cut them into “bite size” pieces for him. It’s hilarious, and a bit disturbing at the same time.

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