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Embracing The Suck – Moving

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Hi.  How the hell are you?  Great, great.  Me? Let’s just say I’ve had better weeks.  Today, Rants Army, I’ll regale you with the sordid tale of what has kept me from actually doing any work this week.  In general, you all know it as “moving.”  Unlike many of my previous posts’ themes, Continue reading

That Guy Part Two

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I’ve somehow initiated another ongoing series – devoted to That Guy – a non-gender-specific term of course – describing examples of folks we all encounter too frequently for our own sanity. That Guy is someone whose sole purpose in existence is to serve as a Continue reading

Random Thought #24

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A conversational snippet from my office:

  • JR: [Reading email] “Periodicity!?!  What is that?”
  • CB: “Dunno.”
  • JR: “Is that even a word?”
  • ME: “Yep.”
  • JR: “Oh really? What does it mean then?”
  • ME: “Something like, ‘the degree to which something cycles through phases or states,’ …or some shit like that.”
  • JR: [Using the internet] “Holy shit, you’re right. I’m amazed.”
  • CB: [Sits with mouth open]
  • ME: “What? Is it that my outward appearance and behavior belie my intelligence, or that I just have a lot of useless shit jammed inside my head?”

The hilarity continues…

Angry Rant: Pointing in the Wrong Direction

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I hate Power Point. 

Nothing comes close to sitting in a meeting where the briefer starts out the event by saying something brilliant like, “In the next eighty-six slides I will summarize the blah blah blah…”

Really?  Summarize?  Seriously?  No, what really happens then is the assclown Continue reading