I’m An Outlier

I’m pleased to announce that Le Clown has seen fit to include me in his Outlier Collective Project.  Please visit the site and have a laugh.  Le Clown and Madame Weebles teamed to make this possible.



21 Responses to “I’m An Outlier”

  1. woo – whoooo!
    Always a party when those 2 are involved

  2. whiteladyinthehood Says:


  3. whiteladyinthehood Says:

    Okay, it’s a done deal. I left you a comment awaiting moderation – it’s a good ole gushy one, too!

  4. Nice. I will be off to read more. Even though ive been reading you for 3 seconds comparatively, I listed you as one of my 3 top influential blogs because of your material and the way you deliver it. LC said you were awesome and to wait for a surprise next (this) week. I waited and it was worth it.

  5. I Just read Pron and Sex as a Tag… I feel like I should be worried…

  6. Porn not Pron…

  7. Careful! Spread your wings too much, and you’ll have to join the Air Farce .. er .. Force. 😉

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