A Lurid Tale of Military Weapons Development

Go on over to Long Awkward Pause and check out my twisted screed. I am, apparently, spreading like a fungus.

So I am supposed to write something – whatever pops into my defective head – upon seeing this picture. To be honest, my head about exploded, because Awesome Robot, and because Awesome Safe Sex. Actually, the second one not so much or so awesome, because No Junk Access (JA). Junk Access is important during sex, or so I seem to recall. I digress…Okay, I’ll stop bullshitting, because if you’ve landed here then you’re probably an Olympic-Class Bullshitter (OCB) yourself. Sort of like Howard the ‘Tard (HtT).

I have to admit, Chris found a photo of me. Yes, I know, but I think we all know that Rants (uhm, Me) is a more mature yet less refined blogger who happens to be in the Army. This picture caused me some bemused anal leakage (age issue) and muted pride, which I immediately destroyed (the pride, not the leakage) because Army team players…

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17 Responses to “A Lurid Tale of Military Weapons Development”

  1. I really liked how you handled this challenge, especially since it’s out of your genre, yet you made it your own Rants style that we know and love. Do I sound like an American Idol judge yet? 80’s slow clap for you sir! Long live the Rants army!

  2. I left you a love note over there, so I’ll just congratulate you over here for inventing both the tank AND the Japanese Mange mecha suit. Decades after everybody ELSE did, but hey, nobody’s perfect! 😀

  3. Hello there, i feel that we noticed you visited my own blog page and so i got here an extra chance your choose? . I am attempting to find circumstances to increase this site! Maybe the alright to take advantage of a few of your thinking!

    • Hello, and I think you’re a fucking ‘bot. You and your third-world author can just go and fuck your damn self to hell until you bleed freely from the rectum. Whatever you personal hell happens to be… mine is reading your fucked-up English attempts at phishing. Dickwad… for translation: Dick (your dick) – wad (what pumps out when you, without a she, masturbates furiously for all of thirty seconds to some image of sweaty-armpitted Indian woman). Go away.

      [Not that there’s anything wrong with sweaty Indian women]

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