Cooking With Rants: Crock Pot Wonders #2 – Made-Rights

This is an old (based on my saggy-man-boob-ancient body)(yeah, I suck) recipe from my childhood that Mama Rants used to make frequently for dinners or just to put in the ‘fridge when I raided it every ten minutes as a hungry, high-school-football lineman teenager.

This is truly an all-around easy recipe.  I use a crock pot to make it even easier, but you can use a regular pot to hurry it along if necessary, but you will have to brown the ground beef.

Here are the ingredients:

3 pounds of ground beef (sirloin, chuck or your favorite specialty product)

2 jars of dill relish, NOT SWEET (Rants prefers Claussen to all other things in the pickle world)

2 cans Chicken stock (use bullion with water if necessary)


You can either brown the ground meat or just toss the frozen brick into the crock pot – your choice depending on the serving time.  Add all the ground beef to the crock pot and cover with the chicken stock (canned or boxed is fine)(I’m not someone from Food Channel).

Add the two jars of dill pickle relish and stir, cover the crock and let awesome happen.


You can add diced onion and/or garlic.


Pickles have a high salt flavor, so do not salt this dish before it is done cooking, and if you do, do so to taste.


Scoop with a slotted spoon onto toasted hamburger buns or onto lightly-toasted bread.  Chesse slices optional.

Note:  The familiy always called this food ‘Made Rites.’  Research tells me (look here, and here) that Made Rights (my title spelling change is intentional) are a loose-meat, hamburger type of sandwich but are not made with pickle relish as I know it.  Therefore, I consider this my own recipe, but with no decrement or slur against the Made Rite franchise.

46 Responses to “Cooking With Rants: Crock Pot Wonders #2 – Made-Rights”

  1. Thanks. Now I have dinner for the kids tomorrow!

  2. I was expecting you to close out with a quote from Crocodile Dundee at the end there. Hmmm… maybe i’ll give it a shot someday. Does the pickle juice go in too?

  3. Yum. And Claussen rules the pickle world.

  4. I’ll have to get the crock pot out of the basement and give this one a try.

  5. The original sloppy joe. I think I’m hungry now. This was a typical meal Friday before a football game in my house.

  6. Lol, out of things to be angry about are we? 😉

  7. Good grief that sounds ridiculously easy and ridiculously good. I’m gonna try it.

  8. My Bride acquired a crock pot about three years ago and thereafter, my life changed. Some of the most succulent, mind-bending dishes I’ve ever had the pleasure to know have come from that crock pot. Are those things assembled by warlocks in a far-off magical kingdom?

  9. whiteladyinthehood Says:

    I’ve never heard of it! (Looked at your links with the pictures) Damn! It looks pretty good! I would definitely throw on some cheese.

  10. Hmm, I have never heard of this. I do have a teenager who raids the refrigerator every ten minutes, and I love crock pot cooking… I think I will give this a try.

  11. I love football season and I love fall comfort food (and I love dill relish). I have been in mourning since falling asleep at half-time Thursday night and waking to see what happened to the Ravens. I love Peyton Manning, too, but not right now.

    It’s times like these that call for comfort food. So at least I got a recipe out of it.

    Thanks for that. 🙂

  12. Oooh! That sounds good too!!!

  13. Now, this is my kind of cooking! Can’t wait to try it. I might even add a few splootches of rooster sauce (sriracha). Or maybe even crumble some bacon in there?

  14. Are we tuned in together or what? My post for Monday is about a crockpot incident too! Except I cooked beef stew.

  15. And how big are these jars of relish? And the cans of broth? (Picky, I am)

    • My last batch, I used about two lbs of ground beef, two large (15oz) cans of broth, and one of the Claussen dill relish jars.

      • Gonna try it. Love the crock pot and things you can make that involve opening a couple of cans and dumping them in the pot. BTW, my fav crockpot meal is cubes of pork topped off with a jar of salsa (I use Frontera when I want to get fancy). Cook in the crock on low and you have taco meat for days. Or put it on rice. Or slather it directly on your hips.

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