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Where Is Rants?

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Pardon me while I type and eat some Burrito Lasagna, courtesy of my wife, the tiny lady who’s devoting her life to making me epic fat.  Because my portion control issue Continue reading

Cookin’ With Rants: New England Awesome

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Two questions up front:

1 – Are you hungry?

2 – Do you like shellfish? Continue reading

Random Thought #66

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Here are the three times your nose will be guaranteed to itch:

1. Cleaning the toilet

2. Cooking with meat blood up to your fucking elbow

3. Sex with someone of great significance

Because it sucks ass being me.

Shit Mama Rants Said – 01

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Conversational snippet while cleaning up after a major meal:

RANTS:  “I hate cling wrap.”

MAMA RANTS:  “Me too!  Some Chinese guy invented that shit.”

I was left completely speechless.  You go, Mama Rants.  You just go.

Cookin’ With Rants: Beef Stroganoff

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I made this the other weekend on a late-breaking change of mind and the experience reminded me of just how wonderfully filling and decadent this heartstopper Continue reading

Cookin’ With Rants: Awesome Oriental Soup

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This awesomesauce – almost literally – is something that has now been reviewed by my bestie as well as none other than MamaRants.  Both returned Continue reading

Cooking With Rants: Crock Pot Wonders #2 – Made-Rights

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This is an old (based on my saggy-man-boob-ancient body)(yeah, I suck) recipe from my childhood that Mama Rants used to make frequently for dinners Continue reading

Cookin’ With Rants: Hocks And Beans

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Hungry for some really awesome food that will stick to your ribs and put you in a carbohydrate-induced coma?  Try this recipe out, then.  This is pure down-home comfort, and surprisingly easy Continue reading

Cooking With Rants: Epic Refried Beans

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People who know me often comment that I’m slow on the uptake at times, saying, “You have a sucky flash-to-bang sometimes.” That’s in the context of judging how far off the thunderstorm is based on Continue reading

Saturday Update: Food

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Yeah! No wait…. HELL YEAH!! Rants is making ribs. I say again… Rants is making ribs. My last rib hurrah before Afghanistan. Delicious.

Any of you want to join in the party, here’s the recipe: read here.

Okay, you know you’re jealous. Just go get the stuff and do it. You will not be disappointed. Put the bones in your garden.


1749 Hours: Update – Possible “severe” tornado weather makes for great grill-igniting air movement… Gotta love Kansas

1830 hours: Coals are about ready… wrapped ribs in bacon… planning on dying with a smile…dishwasher vomited – yay

1916 hours: THE RIBS IN DA HOUSE, YO!!!! Picture below, but on the grill. Other pics sucked ass…