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Cooking With Rants: Crock Pot Wonders #2 – Made-Rights

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This is an old (based on my saggy-man-boob-ancient body)(yeah, I suck) recipe from my childhood that Mama Rants used to make frequently for dinners Continue reading


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Just in case anyone was wondering, Fred and I made it home safely.  Overall, not a bad trip, though as you’ve probably determined at this point, my journey to Asscratch, Kentucky in large part set a new standard for sucky business trips.  While this recalibrates the scale between sucky and awesome, this last one still was ok.  I got a lot done for the Army, although all I did was sit around having thoughts and talking, sort of like running a blog if you think about it.  Kind of funny the Army pays me to have thoughts and then use up some of my words every day expressing them.

I have to shout out to all the folks in BWI and DFW who shook my hand and thanked me for serving, and to the anonymous person in Dallas who paid for my sandwich.  That totally rocks, and you all are awesome.