Memorial Day

It occurred to me yesterday that since I’d commemorated every other awesome patriotic holiday on my blog, I’d be grossly lacking and remiss if I failed to highlight Memorial Day. Contrary to the belief of some, this is not just a day that marks the beginning of the American Summer Vacation season.

Memorial Day, celebrated on the third Monday of each May, has it’s roots in the Civil War. A holiday was created to honor the dead of the Union Army, and while this exclusionary practice continued for some time, Southerners adopted similar practices. Eventually, the holiday was established by Congressional authority as we now know it.

For those curious, dedicated, and patriotic, common practice is to fly the flag at half-staff in honor and rememberance of those military who died in the service of their country. At noon, the flag is then raised to full staff, indicating that we are resolved that their sacrifice was not made in vain. In many Federal military cemeteries, volunteers place small flags before the headstones of the fallen.

Like I will always say on these posts, please don’t thank me, because not only have I not died in service, I am also just as thankful for their sacrifice as everyone else is. In all our nation’s wars, over one million men and women have died protecting the rest of us and protecting the principles we live under in freedom.

I’m not going to rant about the apparent lack of focus on this weekend. If I were one of those million-plus, I like to think I’d be happy that the rest of you could enjoy the weekend in any way you like because of my small part. Just keep in mind what the tickets, ice cream, hot dogs, and other fun aspects you’re enjoying right now were bought and paid with.

31 Responses to “Memorial Day”

  1. whiteladyinthehood Says:

    How about a Thank You for the reminder of what this holiday is really about! Great post, Rants.

  2. I’m thanking you any way. My son and I were talking bout soldiers and I told him if he sees one, he should always tell them thank you. Oh, and it’s not just about BBQ…there are some killer sales this weekend! Miss you!

  3. To every soldier that have the last full measure, and to every civilian that donned the uniform knowing the risk, thank you.

    Hope that was a non-specific enough thanks for you Rants, and either way, thanks.
    Yeah yeah, suck it up.

  4. Hope you’re safe over there. And I hope you guys get BBQ at some point over the weekend.

  5. Your demonstrated willingness to “put it all on the line” is worthy of Thanks, my friend, even if you personally haven’t made that supreme sacrifice yet.

    Here’s hoping you don’t have to, this go-round!

    Bright blessings to you all ~

  6. Well said! Freedom is never free.

  7. This morning I asked the kids if they knew why we were able to go to the beach today. Only the 13 year old could answer correctly. This prompted a detailed educational discussion for the benefit of the younger ones, followed up with a prayer lifting up all those (and the families) who made our lives as we know it, possible. Thank you for all you’re doing over there.

  8. John Erickson Says:

    You know how I feel about you military types. So if I can’t thank you personally, I will thank you AND your brothers and sisters in uniform, and will (with great sorrow) especially salute those who gave all their tomorrows for all our yesterdays.
    And thank you, no matter how much you protest, you gnarled old grunt, you. 😉

  9. I did not know about 1/2 mast to full mast at noon. Good to know.

    Be well.

  10. Even though I’m not American I still thank you. Without guys like you all the free world would be a much different (may I say less likable) place

  11. You’re awesome Rants. Thanks for the reminder. 😉

  12. A hearty salute to you and all your fellow servicemen. I can never thank you guys enough for what you do.

  13. Thought of you when I put out the flag that day – and my dad, uncles, and cousins from WW I and WW II – so you’re in good company.

  14. […] ranted before about Memorial Day on this blog in a post here and another one here.  I wanted to do another this year, but I don’t like to recycle posts […]

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