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Winter… It Still Sucks Balls

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I’m not used to this new climate, location or anything related to shit that falls out of the sky by ‘normal’ definition.  In spite of that, I’m pissed… I know, big news, right?  Anyway, I’ve watched snow fall all goddamn fucking day. Continue reading

Winter Fucking Sucks Again

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When I unassed Kansas to relocate to Virginia I fostered a dim hope that getting out of the Midwest (a.k.a., Continue reading

Winter Fucking Sucks

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I received an interesting note from my uncle, who typically uses Reply All and then hits the Forward button on anything he finds either Continue reading

Random Thought #33

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As we get deep into winter again, I wonder if anyone else is bothered by pissing outdoors with 3 inches of warm clothes on but only 2 inches of shrinkage-induced dick? Because sometimes you just have to.