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I Can Die Now

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You need to sit down.  Right now.  Because this just happened… yesterday… as-of May 29th, late at night, that is.  Are you ready?  Seriously?

10344-2Feast your eyes on these digital tidbits of AwesomeCon that I got to experience here in DC.  Mind you, this is after a whole day from 6AM until 5PM of being all I can be in the Army… which is awesome by definition.  Awesome if you like being a cube monkey. Continue reading

Stop The Madness

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I have to be honest: I can’t decide which kind of news I hate more, the shit about our Government or the shit about mindless, attention whore celebrities who do virtually nothing but get paid nonetheless. Come to think of it, put that way I suppose I could just as well pick both and be good. Seriously, what’s the difference?

I could stop there and call it a Random Thought, and you’d all be tickled, Continue reading

The Left Coast Dissected

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This post is a straight up ripoff of a great piece of writing by H.E. Ellis, who wrote New England Dissected and then had the stones to dare me to do the ripoff. Well, maybe just thought it was a good idea. Being from that side of the country, I figure I’m qualified to take up the attempt. So using the analogy of the family from that post, I’ll attempt to entertain you while explaining the wackier side of the nation. Continue reading