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Rantswers® 9.1

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Everyone has been very patient with this edition of Rantswers®.  I waited for input as long as I dared, but someone who will remain unnamed Continue reading

Miss Clarkson’s Song – An Open Letter

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Okay, so I built up enough pre-emptive hate about our National Anthem that I figured it would be in good character to publicly thank Ms. Kelly Clarkson for not fucking up our National Anthem. I will actually sleep better tonight for that. Thank you, Kelly. You’ looked smokin’ hot…

Dear Ms. Kelly,

Thank you so much for not destroying our National Anthem. Had you screwed it up, I would likely have departed on a five-state murder spree. My victims thank you, as do their children. I thought you looked lovely. You and I could possibly have children unless Katy Perry calls me first. Let me know, as donating DNA is quite easy. Just saying.

– Becoming your fan,

-Brain Rants


Super Bowl … XLMeh

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It probably doesn’t take a lot of imagination to know that this year’s NFL matchup classic holds very little excitement for me. It’s not that I don’t like football. On the contrary, after playing four years in high school, I attempted to walk-on my college team, unrecruited. Probably best that they shooed me away given the state of my knees now. I can only imagine how totally Continue reading