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I Can Die Now

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You need to sit down.  Right now.  Because this just happened… yesterday… as-of May 29th, late at night, that is.  Are you ready?  Seriously?

10344-2Feast your eyes on these digital tidbits of AwesomeCon that I got to experience here in DC.  Mind you, this is after a whole day from 6AM until 5PM of being all I can be in the Army… which is awesome by definition.  Awesome if you like being a cube monkey. Continue reading

And So I Found This…

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My post about the elderly Asian pole dancer got some good attention.  I’m not really surprised, though, because that’s something a lot more entertaining than say, the fucking sky Continue reading

Trolling Public Transportation

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Here in my new and final incarnation for the Army, I’ve managed to stake out a job where I can’t drive to work and wouldn’t want to if I could. Continue reading

Visual New Year – 2013

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Happy New Year to the Rants Army.  Just so you know, if BrainRants was Risk, you’d be paying me taxes.


Freak Ass Spam #3

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As always, I’m more than willing to use the stupidity of others to generate entertainment for you all out there. That, and getting oddball spamments here at BrainRants is like being handed free material. Kind of like, I can take a day off from being creative and just punch that publish button. So on to the latest twisted Continue reading

Things That Make Me Go “That’s Nasty”

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As I’ve said before, I often find myself trapped in situations where I’m locked in a room with a lot of people who really enjoy the sound of Continue reading