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I really wanted to back this post out yesterday.  However, in my addled and sleep-interrupted state I could barely remember my own name and felt grateful that I’d remembered to put on pants before showing up for work.  You see, steady readers, a perfect storm of events – Continue reading

How-To: Interpreting Rants

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A surprising number of people I interact with have issues with successfully reading my mood from moment to moment. Mama Rants and Sister Rants have no problem knowing exactly what flavor my mood is, but then they have the advantage of Continue reading

Getting Old Sucks

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I’ve enjoyed the ongoing dubious honor of being reminded on a regular basis these past few years that growing older has side effects.  Initially, these friendly reminders were positive.  Sort of small PSA’s aimed at letting me know I’d arrived in a sense.  Silver sidewalls, worldly-looking lines etched in a weathered face that hinted at experience and wisdom.  People take you seriously… Continue reading


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There is nothing quite like waking up and realizing with your first movement that you have a crushing headache. This was me today as I flailed Continue reading

Random Thought #51

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Does anyone else find it odd that we’re allegedly the most advanced species on this planet but we’re forced to waste an entire third of our lives laying around in a state of unconsciousness?

AutoTopic: The Minimum Amount Of Sleep You Can Get By On?

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An interesting question, Mr. AutoTopic.  If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know I’ve been through the circus of diagnosing sleep apnea and my subsequent fitting for my Darth Sleeper CPAP device.  However, Continue reading

Tea Party!

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I had to pause my ongoing bitchfest here from Camp Morningwood in the middle of The Suck and try and say something positive about my surroundings.  Yes, yes – I know this is scary and Continue reading

Deployment: Rockin’ The Casbah

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This post comes from yet another intermediate step in the journey between Home and Afghanistan. My previous stop as you all know was still there in the good old U.S. of A., in Georgia. Continue reading

A Type-5A Guy In A Type-B Situation

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One unifying theme to most Army officers is that we’re all Type-A’s. Some of us worse than others, granted, but of course you have to read the one blog of the one guy who is just a bit past the “normal” reading on the trusty “WTF-o-Scope.” Anyway, I’ve mentioned that I’m on leave, which basically means Continue reading

My Sleep Issues – The Final Chapter

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I have to admit that I really must have milked my snoring problem for about all that it’s worth… almost. I think I get – and you deserve (awesome gold-star winners that you are, my Rants Army!) – to know the dénouement Continue reading