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That Guy: Dog-Walker-Tard

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I’ve commemorated the stupidity of our fellow human Earth-occupants several times here.  I call him “That Guy” in my characteristically un-PC way.  My last one was in 2014, and probably my most Continue reading

Random Thought #71

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If you must – like, have to – break protocol and converse with someone in a public restroom while backing out a hairy groaner of a dump, do not use the word, ‘bro.‘  To wit, “Sorry, I’ll be just a minute, bro.”

No.  Don’t.

The Sweet Taste of Shit

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Stand back, because this is the kind of thing that truly – truly – can only happen to me.  You actually might want to sit down.  Ready?  I can wait, because Continue reading

Shitting In Public Sucks – Starring That Guy

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I’ve Ranted about urinal etiquette before, so you have to have expected the sequel on #2. Part Two for Number Two, if you will. Yes, I’m ranting about how I dearly loathe shitting in public. Sadly, all of this screed is inspired by a well-maintained Continue reading

Random Thought #57

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I had an interesting moment with my soon-to-be-ex cat.  Ever had a string Continue reading

A Type-5A Guy In A Type-B Situation

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One unifying theme to most Army officers is that we’re all Type-A’s. Some of us worse than others, granted, but of course you have to read the one blog of the one guy who is just a bit past the “normal” reading on the trusty “WTF-o-Scope.” Anyway, I’ve mentioned that I’m on leave, which basically means Continue reading

Sick Search Terms #4

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Today I’m rolling out the fourth installment of search terms that lead to my site. I continue to find some of these quite disturbing. Admittedly, though, I’m sure the sick fucks who type this into their search engines find me equally Continue reading

A Fitting But Unpleasant End

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I know, I know, I’ve kept on saying this many times here before: this is my last damn trip for this current assignment / job. Now, I know for certain that it is. Just because I say so. A few posts back I made some notes about my recent trip to Arizona for a design review, and yes, this will be my last Continue reading