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Shitting In Public Sucks – Starring That Guy

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I’ve Ranted about urinal etiquette before, so you have to have expected the sequel on #2. Part Two for Number Two, if you will. Yes, I’m ranting about how I dearly loathe shitting in public. Sadly, all of this screed is inspired by a well-maintained Continue reading

Random Thought #31

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Every morning, my routine tends to be painfully … routine. Somehow I always wind up after coffee sitting there with book in hand on the shitter Continue reading

Astronaut! … Dammit

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Okay, bitches … uhm sorry.. you all.  I wrote about the day before yesterday about my note to NASA Continue reading

Random Thought #6

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Someday, on an airplane, I want to time it so I’m waiting in line for the lavatory.  When the guy ahead of me is done and comes out, I want to stick my head in the mini-shitter and then yell down the aisle:

“Hey, man, you left a colossal poo in the toilet but there’s no paper.  You forgot to wipe!”