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Nerdboy Dating 101

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Today I’m reposting (not reblogging) a post I did for Long Awkward Pause, for which I also write.  You might want to drop by and enjoy bloggers even funnier than I am.  If you read this over at LAP, apologies, but your hate speech derision comments are still very much appreciated!

All the credit for the awesome GIFs goes to Chris DeVoss, the LAP head staff monkey, who has the biggest cube.

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Long ago when records were made of vinyl, socially-awkward men were banished to a lonely existence after being stamped with Continue reading


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A long time ago, in this galaxy, not so damn far away, a young kid who just earned a pair of glasses sat and watched Continue reading

Rantswers® 6.1

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 The sixth cycle of Rantswers® got such another overwhelming response I’ll have to break this shit down into three separate posts again.  I’m not complaining Continue reading

Nerd Stuff

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I have to admit that it is probably high time I get my ass to Afghanistan whether I want it or not. I need a break from all the esoteric terms and stuff that I have to deal with all day. What is truly sad, however, is that not only have I managed to absorb a lot of technical information, but Continue reading

I May Require Help

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I’ve said before that one awesome part of being in the Army is working with people, but I do have to admit that sometimes it backfires just a bit. While talking to some folks about books and reading, I mentioned that I love to read and have a lot of books. Someone else piped up that they had a fairly huge collection also. At that point I stated that I keep Continue reading

The Story of My First Car

Posted in Humor, Random with tags , , , , , on November 21, 2011 by BrainRants

As a stupid kid my parents decided to reward my hard work in school and general good behavior (what they knew of it) by giving me a car of my own. I know, spoiled rotten. The concept Continue reading