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March Madness

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Have you ever had one of those days where you are busy doing stuff and then look up and realize the day is over and you pretty much missed it?  This is how my entire month of March has been.  If you think this post talks about basketball, Continue reading

Belated Bragging

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Winner-2014-Square-ButtonAlmost two months ago, I accomplished something and I’m just now getting around to bragging about that shit.  Leave it to my microscopic attention span and overbooked calendar.  I had shelves to build and other stuff to do, like reorganize Continue reading

I’m Doing It

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Participant-2014-Square-ButtonYou all out there might recall that I took a step toward writing after several spastic attempts at Flash Fiction as well as Continue reading

Taking The Plunge

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Participant-2014-Square-ButtonIf you’ve been paying attention while milling about aimlessly within the ranks of the Rants Army® out there, you know by now I’ve been doing some writing.  To you all here in blogland, this has manifested itself primarily in my Continue reading