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Real Man Of Genius

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A while ago I got a note from a great fellow blogger of long association, El Guapo. Why, after ignoring him on this deployment, he opted to bring me in on this I have no idea, but that’s just who The Guapster is. Anyway, the idea he pitched was a celebration of no less than John Erickson’s birthday. more Erickson roasting!

Random Thought #44

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It is close to criminal the amount of entertainment that two Lieutenant Colonels and two Majors can derive from a can of Noise Putty.  Fart sounds are a great way to start a day, and you know you can’t have ‘lieutenant colonel’ without ‘colon.’

Helicopter Ride

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One awesome aspect to being in the Army is the opportunity to go places and see stuff I would never  have had the chance to see otherwise, barring a winning lottery ticket or a long-lost-but-now-dead-with-an-inheritance Continue reading

For Consideration

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I received the following message through the military email system recently.  I think there’s a lot of truth in this note. I am not putting this up to rub anyone’s nose in our sacrifice, because honestly that’s not what I’m about. I think, perhaps, it’s worth reading as a not-so-gentle reminder of what we all Continue reading

Awesome Shit: Falling Out Of An Airplane

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One fact about yours truly that you probably have not been exposed to yet is the fact that I’ve successfully fallen out of an airplane. In fact, I’ve done so – successfully, I’d reiterate – five times. Some of you out there may be experiencing ‘WTF Face,’ and that’s okay. You kind of have to be a bit nuts to try that to begin with, we know this already, and I’m Continue reading

Why GEN Patton Was Awesome

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Being something of a self-made expert on military stuff, I couldn’t resist the urge to commemorate the 66th anniversay of the death of General George S. Patton, Jr. I myself am a big fan of GEN Patton Continue reading