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Rantionary: “E” Is For…

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In this ongoing series of posts that highlight the more colorful ways I wield – or bludgeon – the English language, I’ve come to the realization that this process of creating these is a lot like going to your basement (or attic, as the case may be) and randomly sifting through the boxes of useless shit you have stashed there. You know what I mean – you spot a box and open it, and an hour later you are asking yourself Continue reading

Real Man Of Genius

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A while ago I got a note from a great fellow blogger of long association, El Guapo. Why, after ignoring him on this deployment, he opted to bring me in on this I have no idea, but that’s just who The Guapster is. Anyway, the idea he pitched was a celebration of no less than John Erickson’s birthday. more Erickson roasting!

It Lives

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I have nothing to rant about right now, but I just finished picking my jaw up off of the floor after learning some truly astounding news. Continue reading

Important Update

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In case anyone out here in BlogLand has noticed, John Erickson, the master of purpose-conversion (i.e., putting quad .50cal mounts and grenade launchers in ’80’s Yugos) has been off the net for a while.

I just made contact with His Freakness tonight. He is in fact alive. Proof of life note follows, in response to my electronic query of, “Are you FUCKING ALIVE? SHOULD I CALL THE OHIO STATE POLICE??”:

“Yeah, kinda. Been a slug since right after Xmas, feeling physically rotten and none too jolly. Trying to get back into it. I’ll write more once I get the backlog beaten down.

Sorry to make you worry, though it does make me feel better to feel wanted. Thanks!”

So there you all have it. Relax. If he gets better enough, I may smuggle him into Afghanistan with me.