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That Guy: Dog-Walker-Tard

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I’ve commemorated the stupidity of our fellow human Earth-occupants several times here.  I call him “That Guy” in my characteristically un-PC way.  My last one was in 2014, and probably my most Continue reading

Assed Up In Grabassistan

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I know many of you in the blogodrome are pissy because I am not regularly venting my spew here, and forget about the daily  basis I somehow established and kept for months.  I feel your pain, really.  I’m about to unleash Continue reading


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I did a blog entry in early August about my thoughts on cell phones (read it here). That was about how I thought of cell phones themselves, and now I think venting about the people who use and abuse them is in order. Since I travel a lot, I have ample opportunity to observe the human animal in its natural habitat. One behavior I can’t seem to come to grips with are people’s intense obsession with their cell phones. Why do people have this need to be connected? Some stuff about them just drives me batshit. Continue reading