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Memorial Day 2015

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american-flagI’ve ranted before about Memorial Day on this blog in a post here and another one here.  I wanted to do another this year, but I don’t like to recycle posts and there’s only so much glorification one can do, even for an important day like Memorial Day.  Today isn’t Memorial Day, but more on that later. Continue reading

Happy Chriskwanzukkah

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I’ve reblogged this gem in some form or another every year except last Christmas, because I was busy.  Also, ’13’ is a sucky number Continue reading

America Is Awesome

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I’m sitting here in a very echo-y, much-reduced version of my office.  The rest of my home – where I’ve lived for damn near seven years – is Continue reading


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Happy Fourth of July.  By now you know this is my favorite holiday of the year, far overshadowing both Christmas and Continue reading

Memorial Day – 2013

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Last year on Memorial Day I was stuck in Afghanistan, and the year prior I was not blogging yet.  This year I felt compelled to add a more well-written addition to the constellation of posts I like to Continue reading

Holiday In Afghanistan

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So here I am, sitting here in lovely Kabul.  The air is crisp and cold, there is a smell of burning… something… in the air that reminds me of shit.  It’s December, and we’re spiralling toward Christmas again in an uncontrolled holiday asshattery

Freak Ass Spam #2

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To confuse you even more while visiting my bizarre little corner of the web, I’ve started numbering my Freak Ass Spams after I split off the Sick Search Terms portion, which will also be numbered and equally separately… ouch, bad sentence. Gotta get the next five posts Continue reading

A New Holiday

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I really think we need a new Federal holiday. It has to be Federal so people will have time off and be able to celebrate the day in style. Plus, I might pick up a good three- or four-day weekend in there once it takes off and the Army lets folks blow off steam. So obviously this will have to be planned and instituted in those long periods Continue reading

Christmas Rant: Shopping

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Like all other dumb-assed American men, I wait until the last possible moment to shop for Christmas. And of course we have to, because we’re all such great Continue reading

Happy Birthday, America!

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We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Two-hundred and thirty-five years ago, we embarked on a remarkable experiment in government.  A bunch of guys decided that they’d about had it with being a colony and the associated crap that came with it.  It was a bold move, and extremely risky to those directly involved.  Everyone in the Continental Congress who signed the Declaration of Independence did so with great hope for a future of independence, for a government by and of the people.  They also did so keeping one cold fact clearly in mind – that by penning their names, they could ultimately be signing their own death warrants.  They believed in the idea of democracy enough to go through with it.

I can only imagine what those summer months were like.  A few guys – five – in a room wordsmithing a document, ink on parchment.  More guys in a hot, humid room debating it.  Nine of thirteen colonies voted in favor.  Two opposed, one abstained and one declined to vote.  The War for Independence (already underway since Lexington and Concord in 1775) took on a whole new flavor.  This was a whole new game, the Declaration made it more official.  In reality, most of the citizens of the colonies were indifferent to the whole thing, and the revolutionary effort was typically spearheaded by a few idealists.  There was a significant portion of the population who remained sympathetic to the British Crown and Parliament.

From a single spark, a roaring fire may grow.  No one involved could have foreseen what the future held for our country, and some may not have believed it if they could.  Surviving our initial and weak Confederation, we then forged the Constitution, another remarkable document.  From thirteen colonies to fifty states.  From a few million people to over 330 million and growing.  From a poor, weak, but hopful and scrappy newcomer to the guarantor of liberty all over the entire world.

From a single spark, a roaring fire may grow.  The Declaration is not only one of the most famous documents known to Americans but it has served as the basis and inspiration for many more uprisings of freedom.  I’ve read that when the Soviet empire disintegrated and Czechoslovakia broke away, our Declaration was read at some protest in some city as a symbolic gesture of the moment.  Our ally in our War for Independence, France, not long afterward collapsed in a turmoil that ultimately resulted in a democracy.  Western Europe followed in fits and starts.  This century, Eastern Europe did as well.  And our headlines today indicate the process is not even close to complete as the Middle East begins to examine the system we started.

From a single spark, a roaring fire may grow.  Enjoy the long weekend, and quite rightly enjoy the barbecues and fireworks we plan to symbolize our time off.  Both capture the essence of our country: born of fire, forged in fire, and still lighting the way for others today.

235 years ago today.