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Random Thought #53

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I just ate a juicy but cooked chunk of pork chop fat.  Every time I eat pork like that, I think to myself, “Fuck you, Osama  motherfuckingincestuousgoatfuckerbastard Bin Laden, we fucking win!”

Just getting my own little jihad on…

AutoTopic: If You Could Live Forever, Would You?

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What a completely interesting and juicy AutoTopic. You all know by now that I’m a closet science fiction nerd and Trekkie, so no surprise here I’d snatch this one up and give it a try. After all, it’s a common Continue reading

Real Man Of Genius

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A while ago I got a note from a great fellow blogger of long association, El Guapo. Why, after ignoring him on this deployment, he opted to bring me in on this I have no idea, but that’s just who The Guapster is. Anyway, the idea he pitched was a celebration of no less than John Erickson’s birthday. more Erickson roasting!

Veteran’s Day

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Re-posted from 2011… also please visit John Erickson’s post here.  All old people jokes aside, I’d point out that this holiday, born out of the ashes of WWI, will be observed this year (2012) for the first time without a living veteran of that war.  And so the saying goes, we just fade away…

Those of you with history in my blog know in advance this is not going to be a funny post. Far from it: this entry is to ensure you all don’t miss the significance of today beyond the really serendipetous arrangement of the digit “1” when representing the date. ...more 11.11.11...Equally pleasing is the idea that all of our foreign friends can probably also tangentially enjoy the meaning of the day in some Continue reading

It Lives

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I have nothing to rant about right now, but I just finished picking my jaw up off of the floor after learning some truly astounding news. Continue reading

Thoughts On Today

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Y’all know I’d come up with something today, though in reality I did this a day or so ago and set this up to post today.  I was able, on my limited bandwidth here, to pull up my last year’s post about 9/11, and I’m still shaking my head at the well-meant but saccharine Continue reading


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I hope this post goes off correctly with the scheduling function, because this is another important one. In case you’re a young one, or otherwise busy and preoccupied like most of us get, take a minute Continue reading

Memorial Day

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It occurred to me yesterday that since I’d commemorated every other awesome patriotic holiday on my blog, I’d be grossly lacking and remiss if I failed to highlight Memorial Day. Contrary to the belief of some, Continue reading


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I was surprised as hell today to learn that March 25th is Medal of Honor Day. This took me by surprise because this is the kind of thing you would think I would know Continue reading

Why GEN Patton Was Awesome

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Being something of a self-made expert on military stuff, I couldn’t resist the urge to commemorate the 66th anniversay of the death of General George S. Patton, Jr. I myself am a big fan of GEN Patton Continue reading