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America Is Awesome

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I’m sitting here in a very echo-y, much-reduced version of my office.  The rest of my home – where I’ve lived for damn near seven years – is Continue reading


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Happy Fourth of July.  By now you know this is my favorite holiday of the year, far overshadowing both Christmas and Continue reading

Little Miss Portable Strikes Again

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My dedicated fans will recall my post that outlines Diana’s amazing ability to pack fully 87.3% of everything we own into a ’96 Chevy Blazer and hit the road prepared for anything between a minor maintenance issue to full-on Armageddon.  I still have no idea how that SUV keeps running without snapping the axles.  The cargo area was once again loaded so full I feared everything would implode and create a black hole.  Unloading at our cabin, I found a cast-iron skillet.

Our 4th of July weekend was largely more toward the ‘minor issue’ side of the scale, happily.  We did a one-destination trip to see Dad and her sister and new husband.  We dragged our cousin Devin along as well.  Due to the short duration and singular destination, I managed to convince Di to only take 86.9% of our stuff.  This prevented the worrisome rending of the space-time conituum.

I can report that the weekend was great.  All family members visited have all of their limbs, appendages, and senses still.  I encountered soil harder than anything I can recall.  I was reminded that in Midwest world of humidity, it is entirely possible to contain a gallon of water in one cubic foot of air.  I was reminded that with enough beer, mosquitoes will in fact opt not to commit suicide by drinking your blood.  All family members are still on speaking terms.

You really can’t beat a day of jet skiing and barbecue, or sitting around slapping bugs into red dots on your skin as you swill beer and belch loud enough to make the cicadas shut up.  Especially if you’re the lucky contestant who has enough blood in his alcohol stream to kill the bloodsucking insects upon first jab.  Also, I hope someday science discovers why the green slime on lakebottoms causes instant infection in minor scrapes.