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Where Is Rants?

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Pardon me while I type and eat some Burrito Lasagna, courtesy of my wife, the tiny lady who’s devoting her life to making me epic fat.  Because my portion control issue Continue reading

D-Day… Today

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I feel compelled to put up a post about today, the 70th anniversary of the Allied invasion of Normandy Continue reading


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Every now and then I have to stop and write down thoughts about things that go on in my life, and today is one of those days.  Today is important.  They say pride is a sin but I don’t care.  Continue reading


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Okay, sure.  Accuse me of bandwagoning here and doing a Mother’s Day post.  But a quick check of my bio-RAM and the old Rants posts tells me I’ve never done one of these before.  So you can think Continue reading

Chillin’ With Mom

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I’ve been enjoying some days here in Illinois with my Mom this week. As you know, I’m on leave before I head for Afghanistan and then have zero time off at all. Even better, my son is here with us, scooped up in Continue reading


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Thanksgiving is probably my second-favorite holiday after the Fourth of July. Part of the reason of course involves massive piles of awesome food that you only eat once or twice each year, Continue reading

Grocery Store Bitch

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I am beginning to think that like many men out there in the meatscape, I am a total and complete fucking tie-up when it comes to shopping for food. It doesn’t matter …more food shopping…

I Got Mail

Posted in Army, Family, Humor with tags , , , , , , on November 16, 2011 by BrainRants

In case you have thought that I’ve been a bit… over the top in my Rants and comments, my apologies. I’ve been distracted by stuff out there on the horizon …more mail…

Earth-Shaking Weekend

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I haven’t really put up a post that rolls up my weekend in a snarky way since some degree of normalcy returned to the house once Di got back on her feet after the Great Cartwheel Disaster of 2011. In fact, there is really not a lot about this weekend that was earth-shaking at all execpt the fact that the earth shook.

That last sentence up there was intentional. We actually did …more earth shaking…

The Rant Shop

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Okay, this is not where I actually craft my rants. To be honest, I was struggling for something to write about, and I thought my small room in the basement where I work on stuff (non-digital) would be an interesting topic. I have constructed, destructed, repaired and restored many things …more Rant Shop…