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Acquiring Stuff

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I have to introduce you to my latest big success.  I found this one day on my walk home from my bus drop-off point.  For several weeks, I’d tracked a ‘for sale’ sign in front of a house.  Then, the sign disappeared and people showed up.   Continue reading

The Sweet Taste of Shit

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Stand back, because this is the kind of thing that truly – truly – can only happen to me.  You actually might want to sit down.  Ready?  I can wait, because Continue reading

The Liquid Weathervane – Part 2011

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I was floating around the blogosphere one morning before work and found several articles on what your drink apparently says about you. I thought that was pretty inspired, but my brain, never completely content to just let something go as-is, started gnawing away on the idea. For some reason, I melded the concept with a kitchen magnet my mom used to have on the refrigerator, Continue reading