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Retardidment: The Job Hunt

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Here we go again with the bitter Rantings® of a man forced to stop doing the one job he loved and actually could do without serious consequences.  Yeah, that’s me, BrainRants®.  I’m tired of linking more than three times to previous posts, so I made a whole new RantsPage® to collect this assemblage of awesomehood. Continue reading

Shit I Said Out Loud #10

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Oh.  Yeah hi there.  It’s been a while (since my time in Kharjackistan) since I’ve posted an official Shit I Said Out Loud.  Pardon the interruption, but Continue reading

Nerdboy Dating 101

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Today I’m reposting (not reblogging) a post I did for Long Awkward Pause, for which I also write.  You might want to drop by and enjoy bloggers even funnier than I am.  If you read this over at LAP, apologies, but your hate speech derision comments are still very much appreciated!

All the credit for the awesome GIFs goes to Chris DeVoss, the LAP head staff monkey, who has the biggest cube.

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Long ago when records were made of vinyl, socially-awkward men were banished to a lonely existence after being stamped with Continue reading

Random Thought #49

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One thing that will never happen:

A man looking at or thinking of boobs gets suddenly distracted… “Ooooh!  Squirrel!”

Overproduction And Other Current Events

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One of the Plinky AutoTopic suggestions once asked me what my favorite TV programming was. The simple …TV asshattery…