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Said No BrainRants Ever

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As-of this post, I’ve written ten collections of things I’ve actually said out loud.  If you’re intrigued to find out just how few fucks I give about Continue reading

Rantswers® 8.1

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Hi there all y’all in the Rants Army!  Yeah, I got good and buzzed – well, maybe more than that, truth be told –  before I attempted the below Rantswers® to your awesomesauce questions.  After some months of Continue reading

Rantionary: Reader-Provided Words #1

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The whole Rantionary concept has really taken off.  In the tradition of my string of “That Guy” posts, where I elected to take fan-based suggestions and expound on them, I’ve thrown open the Rants tome of vile, naughty and off-color words to the ‘Notes’ page and left the pen resting on the parchment for all y’all.  Here are Continue reading

Visual X-Mas Aftermath

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Captures my mood 97.632% of the time here:

Die, motherfucker!

Die, motherfucker!

Random Thought #47

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flip for blogTo the douchebag who trimmed his pubes in the shower:

Asshat, at least do it inside the shower stall so those nasties wash down the drain.  Don’t leave them on the floor, gracing the muddy flip-flop prints of the rest of us.  You sick fuck.

Preemptive Anthem Rant

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Normally I restrict myself to ranting about stuff that has already happened. To my mind this is logical and makes sense and allows me the illusion of being justifiably irritated enough to complain, as opposed to just being a cranky, cantankerous sourpuss. Opinion here may vary of course, and you’re fully entitled to yours as much as Continue reading

Pre-Deployment Rant

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I suppose this rant inaugurates a long series of entries about my upcoming Afghanistan experience. And yes, you’d be quite correct Continue reading

Rants American Tour: The Final Act

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Whether you all know it or not, we have just passed a milestone. I’ve been hinting at it for a while, Continue reading

Open Season

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Am I the only person lately to notice the apparent open season on anyone remotely famous or politically motivated and conservative, and that the weapon of choice Continue reading

Overproduction And Other Current Events

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One of the Plinky AutoTopic suggestions once asked me what my favorite TV programming was. The simple …TV asshattery…