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March Madness

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Have you ever had one of those days where you are busy doing stuff and then look up and realize the day is over and you pretty much missed it?  This is how my entire month of March has been.  If you think this post talks about basketball, Continue reading

Awesome Texts That I Got – 1.0

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Hi there.  Wut r u doing?  LOL.  No, the rest of this will not go on in some inane parody of our lovely, emerging youth who text one another constantly in a language I cannot understand.   Continue reading

Winter… It Still Sucks Balls

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I’m not used to this new climate, location or anything related to shit that falls out of the sky by ‘normal’ definition.  In spite of that, I’m pissed… I know, big news, right?  Anyway, I’ve watched snow fall all goddamn fucking day. Continue reading

Said No BrainRants Ever

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As-of this post, I’ve written ten collections of things I’ve actually said out loud.  If you’re intrigued to find out just how few fucks I give about Continue reading


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The best presents I got this year came downstairs this morning.

So I Started A War…

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I’m acclimatizing to my new surroundings here in Virginia.  I’m also attempting to learn a new way to make red pasta sauce, but that’s not what this blog post is about.  The other day, Continue reading

I’m Doing It

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Participant-2014-Square-ButtonYou all out there might recall that I took a step toward writing after several spastic attempts at Flash Fiction as well as Continue reading

Road Trip

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Question for you:  Would you drive eight hours, over 550 miles, for a hamburger?  For most people, the answer to this is Continue reading

What Your Autocorrect Says About You

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We all have hated upon our autocorrect when texting, emailing or other text-based functions on our allegedly-smart phones.  “Fuck you, Autocorrect!” we scream from our Continue reading

Rantswers® 6.3

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Good morning.  Or as I prefer, ‘Morning.’  Not usually much good about them.  Feeling Presidential today?  That’s okay, neither is he Continue reading