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Rantswers® 8.1

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Hi there all y’all in the Rants Army!  Yeah, I got good and buzzed – well, maybe more than that, truth be told –  before I attempted the below Rantswers® to your awesomesauce questions.  After some months of Continue reading

Rantswers® 8.0

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Well, shit has more or less settled.  I went from moving to fixing to new job to… insanity… and then NaNoWriMo (which I rocked – check the front page swag and shit!).  I finally feel free enough to do another Rantswers®.  Continue reading

Football Season Near Rant-Up

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Today I’m mentally a bit paralyzed thinking of all the shit I have to do between now and the time I leave, Christmas, my son coming to visit, and other issues that are ongoing and continue to eat up my Rant processor time. Continue reading

Go Army – Not

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Okay, so that’s ten losses in a row. Hope you’re happy, H.E.

And thanks for no support here, John E. and John Trask Avenue. Dammit.


Go Army!

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This one is going to piss off all my readers who are either in the Navy, were in the Navy, or are Navy Brats. Sorry, it is Continue reading

What!?! Seriously!?!

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Okay, I was just checking the digital traps.  So the Sports Illustrated site informs me of the following:

  • USC Trojans 38,  Syracuse 17  (win)
  • Army 21,  Northwestern 14 (win)
  • Oakland Raiders 35, Buffalo Bills 38 (loss, but so damn close!)

I’m not sure I can recall when my three did two of three overall… I feel faint…