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Who’s Stupid? Arizona, Or…?

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Someone help me out here.  I’ve tracked the recent headlines about the beyond-questionable proposed law put before Governor Jan Brewer Continue reading

Hitting The Road: The Return

Posted in Humor, Travel with tags , , , , , , , on October 28, 2011 by BrainRants

As promised, you all get to share the fun of driving home from Las Vegas. I mentioned a few blog posts back that we’re on a mission to visit aged relatives from the Old Country who wanted to pass on some items to us that couldn’t travel in a suitcase. That part of the mission accomplished, Continue reading

The Left Coast Dissected

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This post is a straight up ripoff of a great piece of writing by H.E. Ellis, who wrote New England Dissected and then had the stones to dare me to do the ripoff. Well, maybe just thought it was a good idea. Being from that side of the country, I figure I’m qualified to take up the attempt. So using the analogy of the family from that post, I’ll attempt to entertain you while explaining the wackier side of the nation. Continue reading