Let’s Play Thought Clouds!

All of you out there likely believe I’m some kind of enigma packed in mystery and wrapped in bacon.  The truth is, I’m not very complex.  Fart jokes, poo references, Oxford commas, and the shenanigans that are the subject of this post amuse me to no end.  You know about those web sites that allow you to caption or add text to photos – right?  You wind up getting some kind of epic shit like this:


Great shit, am I right?  Sorry, I have to stop giggling about tiny hands.  There.  I’m better.  *snort*  He really does look like a mummy scrode covered in Cheeto dust, doesn’t he?

Some things up front, just to cover bases.  First – and definitely foremost – I did not vote for that fool.  Second, the site I used for the Tiny Hands is http://wigflip.com/roflbot/.  Try it out.  Last, the real subject of this post is a picture I found on The Atlantic web site, credited to Jonathan Ernst and Reuters.

So what are we here to do today, people?  That’s right.  We’re going to add things to pictures for a laugh.  Actually, just one picture.  I’ve taken the liberty (sorry, Jon) of adding in thought clouds for our esteemed Number Three and Number Six in the order of Presidential succession.  I’m just that good with Power Point, I’m embarrassed to admit.  Such is my job and life.

Anyway, here you go:


Your task, should you be bored enough to do so, is to go to the comments and add your suggestions for Rex and Jim’s thoughts.  Amuse me.  Amuse yourself.

Does anyone else seem to think our Twitterer-In-Chief looks like he just smelled a fart?  Or is it bemusement over his little, tiny hands?  Wait, what?  Okay, I’ll go first.

Rex: “Don’t know what’s worse… an egomaniac leader with weird hair, or Kim Jong Un.”

Jim: “I’ve interrogated better Taliban leaders… and they liked to fuck sheep.”


Your turn.

22 Responses to “Let’s Play Thought Clouds!”

  1. Rex: Look at that expression. It’s not like he’s supposed to read the damn thing.

    Jim: I’m sure Rex can get my resume in the right hands at Exxon.

  2. Rex: I wonder if he’s going to grab my pussy.

    Jim: I wonder if he’s going to grab Rex’s pussy.

  3. TRUMP: “Yeah…I don’t like this new 1-2-3 menu at McDonald’s.”
    REX: “Just when he’s said the dumbest thing yet, he keeps right on talking.”
    JIM: “I can’t believe I learned fifty different ways to disembowel a human and I am sitting here with my hands folded.”

  4. We’re talking politicians here. Empty thought balloons seem quite appropriate. Can we get a bigger one over Trump’s head, and possibly ‘wind through the trees’ sound effects? 😆 🌯

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