Flash Fiction – 15th Ed.

Long time no post again.  Save the critique unless you want to come out here and help me solve some of my challenges.  Kay?  Kay.  Good.

A compelling picture inspired this flash fiction, in part.  As always, it’s lifted from Rochelle’s Purple Blog.  Go there and try it out.  The rules are straightforward and writers can all benefit from a flash fiction exercise.  It’s all about the discipline.

In this particular edition here, I’ve violated the word count rule by four words.  Sorry, Rochelle.  I think the story needed them.

Big ass thingy

Copyright – Jennifer Pendergast

Time Again

“It’s ten ’til five,” one kid said.

“No, ten-twenty,” his friend said.

“It’s a goddamn compass,” the tall man with a gray-shot beard said.  “Now, get off my property.”

The hipsters sulked off, trailing body odor and weed stench behind.  The man slipped his arm around a much shorter woman.  She squinted at the sun and looked up.

“For me?”

“Yep… you’re my true north,” he said.

“And it was on this spot?”

“Forty-two years from now,” he nodded.  “Back through time for you.”

She sighed, content.  Leaning into him she said, “The money’s not bad either.”

“Nope,” he said with a sly grin.

(104 words)

– – – – –

I always say, go give flash fiction a try.  It’s fun!

18 Responses to “Flash Fiction – 15th Ed.”

  1. Rules were invented for getting in the last word. Or four.

  2. This was a lovely one! And, why would one critique you for not being around? Life happens, y’know! We all disappear now and again. Well some of us, anyway!

  3. It was good to read your work again. Always concise and thought provoking.

  4. Dear Brain Rants,

    First to answer the question. NO! You didn’t have 100 words wiggle room. 😉 I start getting testy when they hit the 120’s and it becomes more obvious. Last week a writer took the liberty of posting a story with 275 words. I tend to pass those by. I ask so little.
    At any rate I enjoyed your story and would never have known you were 4 over. “…trailing body odor and weed stench…”? Charming.
    Good to read your voice again.



  5. How creative – so much packed into such a short story.

  6. This makes me miss your time travel stories.

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