Random Thought #70

Life has taught me that the one thing you can count on to remain unchanging is this: things will change.

There’s some kind of fucked-up metaphysical shit in there.  I need a beer.

45 Responses to “Random Thought #70”

  1. Here is a random thought: Your future self is remembering you as you are right now.

  2. Not in math though. A constant is a constant is a constant…if it isn’t a constant, it becomes a variable. Nothing metaphysical in that. If something is changing in your life, I hope it is for the better. If it isn’t, you will make it through. Otherwise, thanks for your random thought.

  3. That too…but only most of the time.

  4. Megan Stephenson Says:

    I think you need more then a beer mate!

    Try something with a higher alcohol % and drowned those feels.

  5. No matter where you go, there you are. -Buckaroo Banzai

  6. Or, for you more temporally linked folk, “Today is only yesterday’s tomorrow”. Or as my avatar on a warship discussion board says, “Don’t worry about the world ending today – it’s already tomorrow in Australia”. So I guess that makes today’s thoughts yesterday’s news in Oz?

    And if you prefer chatting about constants, remember that their are only two constants in the universe – Planck’s, and Peter’s Principle.

    What was that popping noise? Did I just give you a little brainstrain? 😀

    • Not at all. I did have to look up Plank’s. Fascinating but not brain popping. Peter’s Principle is something that I’ve heard about. Hiring managers in my world try not to do that anymore…or at least the ones who claim to be innovative.

      • I was actually hoping to brainstrain the Rants man. Glad I didn’t cause any collateral damage.

        I envy your world. The last few years I worked, my company was bought twice, the second time by Citi. They had managers working in I/T who didn’t know how to use PCs. Yes, that’s actually true. And I was programming on a mainframe – lotsa luck finding a Citi manager who understood THAT kinda old iron!

        • That is deflating and not surprising. I dabble in a lot of things, including coding. A current project has me testing an end user tool. I am suggesting that the coder insert code for the end state. It doesn’t make sense. I should just punt it and ask why doesn’t this work?

          Okay. Idk if you stumped the Brainman but it was nice talking to you. You always have something interesting to say.

          • Aw, shucks, now ya got me all blushing and everything! (Which is actually good – I’ve been hibernating from the heat so long, I was starting to turn translucent! 😀 )

        • No strain here, see comment regarding hydrogen. And yeah, I know how you feel. I’m helping build Skynet, in essence, yet am the only person apparently who sees the whole picture.

      • I work with post-Peter people…

    • I thought the two were hydrogen and stupidity.

      • A slight correction for you – Planck and Peter are constants, hydrogen and stupidity are found throughout the universe. Hydrogen can be changed into other elements (i.e., fusion bombs and stars), and stupidity …. well, that’s more of a factor of scale. I’d refer you to politics for an example – ours, Brits with Brexit, Hungary going neo-Nazi with Austria hot on their heels, etc;, etc., etc…..

        • Hilary, Donald. That bullshit.

          • Oh, not just here in the US, my friend. Do you know what the #1 Google search was on the day after the Brits voted for Brexit? “What is the EU?” Yep, they voted themselves out of something most people didn’t even know anything about! Meanwhile, both Germany and Austria are electing far-right parties that would make Uncle Adolf feel right at home. I won’t even mention that the guy who took over for the impeached Brazilian PM is himself up on charges of corruption, as are the #2 and #3 guys. And so on, and so on…..

          • And don’t forget, all the Baldwins are still being paid to attempt acting.

          • You know what’s worse than that? Kylie Jenner, famous for being famous, is trying to copyright the word “Kylie” for products she wants to shill. One problem – a very talented singer and actress named Kylie Minogue is already using Kylie. Jenner’s reaction? “Nobody knows who she is in the US. She’s just some Australian act.”

            Do you still have friends in Army aviation? I think I need an AH-64 strike on the whole Kardashian/Jenner clan.

          • Napalm strikes would be a good fix.

        • So scary. The day after exit won, people were wanting “do overs”. They didnt even know what they were for.

          • Yep, it’s remarkable what a mass of ignorant people led by a couple gasbags (Farage and Boris “I got my hair from Trump” Johnson) can do to screw up a country. I’m waiting for the mass of international banks to decide London is no longer a viable HQ city. Then maybe I can pick up a small house over there – like Buckingham Palace or The Gherkin. 😀

  7. Did the beer help untangle it?

  8. The only order is chaos. That’s why man invented beer. Cheers, indeed

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