Flash Fiction – 14th Ed.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done any flash fiction.  My favorite method is via the sites that have some inspirational or generative photo that triggers a story.  Today, this one comes from Sunday Photo Fiction.  I’ve followed them for over a year, and this is the first picture that sparked a story.  Sorry, dudes – I’m a picky bitch, right?

No matter.  The crew at SPF are generous – they allow 200 words, give or take, though I suspect if I dropped a 10k -word piece, they’d not even blink.  If you like to do short, short work, give it a look-see.



The city demolished his garden behind his property wall.  They said, ‘Others can’t do this, so why should you?’  The officious man in the tweed coat actually sniffed at him, as if he were some rural farmer.

They brought in a small bucket loader.  A bobcat, they called it.  The worker, in his sleeveless tee-shirt, scraped away the garden.  The uninspired wage slaves with spades watched and then shoveled the decimation into the river.  It was easier than using buckets to haul it all away.  He watched it all, seething to the point of vibration.  The workers left the bobcat behind his wall because the pub and Friday night beckoned.

Then the sky darkened.  The clouds came.  Rain fell, at first far away and then over the town.  The river rose, and then rose some more.  The swirling brown waters rose, undercut the banks, and ate the soil beneath the earthmover.  He watched with glee as it slid into the narrow but deep river.

“I hope they try to blame this on me,” he said as the clouds parted and he took his hoe to tend to his garden behind the wall.

(192 words)

– – – – –

As I said above, Sunday Photo Fiction is one of the better flash fiction inspiration sites.  Give them a try!

20 Responses to “Flash Fiction – 14th Ed.”

  1. Neatly worked tale of man vs machine, literally and metaphorically.

  2. Haha I like that. I can see that bobcat tipping over.

    Thanks for taking part in this weeks, and hopefully you’ll find another one inspiring soon.

  3. It seems justice was served by Nature. Good writing, Rich. 🙂 — Suzanne

  4. Awesome. I loved the just desserts.

  5. A small victory for the individual. Great writing, loved it.

  6. Nice piece. The assonance of “wage slaves with spades” really tickled me. Well done!

  7. Great story – I think I’ve heard of some of these people!

  8. mandibelle16 Says:

    Seems from the main characters perspective, the city people who wouldn’t let him have extra garden space, are getting their just desserts. They have a mini river where the dug out his garden and an expensive machine likely ruined. Great tell, I enjoyed this main characters perspective.

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