Another Bacon Convert

Okay, so I just found this on the interwebs.  I have to say, if they had video cameras around when I was in short pants, someone would have captured this kind of footage of yours truly.

Please enjoy Easton Beach and his appropriate and epic reaction to eating bacon for the first time:


Fuck yeah, Easton.  You keep rockin’ that sweet-ass pig.

– – – – –

2015-12-31 Update: yeah, whoever posted the video privatized it and shit.  Sorry about that, but not really.  I’ll just fucking cease trusting anyone on YouTube from now on.

22 Responses to “Another Bacon Convert”

  1. A fan for life now!
    (Happy New Year – may bacon always find your table)

  2. A day without bacon is like a day without love. Great video.

  3. What’s this “bacon” I keep hearing people talk about? Maybe I should try it.

  4. Bacon’s great! You in short pants???… 😆

  5. This is my reaction still to this day

  6. Guess I waited too long to read this, the video says private and won’t play, but .. yay bacon !

  7. Perfect timing! I just figured out how to make home made bacon incense. All the smell, none of the calories. *grin*

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