Flash Fiction – 13th Ed.

All of this get-your-ass-out-of-the-Army business is keeping me quite occupied.  It’s almost a full-time job at this point.  I’ve tried to keep things manageable, though, and I’m seeing light at the end of the tunnel.  Of course, being an honorary New Englander now, I’ll believe in that light when my retirement check hits my account.

I took a break to do a quick flash fiction.  Of course, my Trek-soaked brain normally returns a Sci Fi interpretation of the photo prompt, and today is no exception.  Hope you like it.

If you want to try your hand at this as well, go to Rochelle’s Addicted to Purple blog.  Each week she posts a photo prompt and the usual guidelines.  Those are, credit the photographer, tell a complete story, and stay under 100 words.

Copyright Connie Gayer

Copyright Connie Gayer


“Glenn, come quick,” urgency edged John’s voice.

“What now?  You found another anachronistic relic in this dig?  The professor told… holy shit,” Glenn’s secondhand chide stopped cold.

“Do you see it?” John asked.


“No, really.  You do see it?”

“Yes, dammit,” Glenn frowned but stared at the object.

“It’s like finding a 747 next to tyrannosaur bones,” John said.

“Let’s get the Professor,” Glenn said.

“Forget it.  This will vanish, just like the other stuff I found,” John said.  “At least you saw it.”

Glenn met John’s eyes and glanced back down.  The object was gone.

(97 words)

– – – – – 

All comment and critique is welcome.  I’m still honing my writer skills, so all input helps.  Use the comment box below!

47 Responses to “Flash Fiction – 13th Ed.”

  1. Good job! I liked it.

  2. Outstanding. Read just like a real event….and mystery.

  3. Of course anachronistic seldom stays.. Clever

  4. Well, at least the time-travelling aliens have enough sense to clean up after themselves. Fun read, this.

  5. I love it. A sci fi mystery. Reads like a Dr. Who episode. And love the name choices.

  6. This was a most enjoyable read! At least he has one witness this time!

  7. Great little sci-fi mystery! And I agree, clever name choices. I just hope these guys aren’t wearing red shirts…you know the away team members in red shirts never seem to make it back to the ship 😕

  8. Dear BR,

    John and Glenn…happy little accident that. From one Trekkie to another…I love it. Live long and prosper and, while we’re at it, thank you for your service.



  9. Too bad a camera couldn’t capture it. This reads like The Outer Limits. Yay for Sci Fi. Just can’t get enough.

  10. It’s good. You left me wanting more.

  11. Now you see it, now you don’t! He didn’t have his phone on him, I guess. Nice one!

  12. gahlearner Says:

    I love this. So sad for the poor scientists, though. Finally, there’s proof for Aliens, or time travel, or both, and poof, gone.

  13. You wrote a SciFi version of Michelin J. Frog. Awesome. 🙂

  14. MICHIGAN J. Frog.

    I hate autocorrect.

  15. Good stuff, dude. Just one problem – of course you can find a 747 next to a T-rex, ’cause the Earth is only 6000 years old. Oh, and the “hot spots” they found on the pyramids is just Joseph’s grain storage fermenting. And that really IS Donald Trump’s real hair.

    Okay, gotta go wash the BS off my favourite shovel. 😀 But your writing’s good. Seriously. And not just ’cause you wrote me into it, either. 😉

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