Dreams Do Come True

You might have seen recent news about something really cool.  No, I’m not referring to Trump’s latest stupid verbal fart that notched his dumb ass up a point in polls.  I’m talking about the power of the internet to make some young kid’s wet dream come true.

I noted the media buzz about this kick-ass young Marine who asked the equally kick-ass Ronda Rousey out on a date.  Specifically, he asked her to the Marine Corps Ball (click it!).  This isn’t his posted video, but it captures the kid’s hope and enthusiasm:

Ronda’s awsomesauce (it’s now an official word thanks to the Rants Army) answer was, simply, “Yes.”

I have to hand it to the young man… he took balls in hand and won a date with a girl who could probably kick his ass from here to Christmas without breaking a sweat.  Plus, she’s easy on the eyes if you like blondes.  I have no doubt he’ll remain a gentleman, Marine and stellar representative of our Nation’s finest in the military (Army and Marines).

This follows in the tradition of internet cool shit.  Not too long ago, another Marine did the same thing, but with Mila Kunis.

Mila’s response was fast and awesome (click, dammit!).  Never mind that Justin Timberlake tried to be a bro and hook a Marine up, she said yes without any arm twisting.  Even better, Miss Kunis resembles someone I know and hold dear, so I can well imagine how stoked this dude was.  Brunettes just rock.  And JT, he managed to string this into a date of his own.

Am I jealous?  Not at all, because I have my little bit of awesome already.  My dream already came true.  I feel pretty stoked that big-name stars support our military and go out on a limb and reschedule their lives to be awesome.  I’d like to see some Army dudes get in on the action, of course.  Maybe some Navy guys can arrange something gay, dunno.  No comment on the Air Force… just keep crying in public, dudes.

49 Responses to “Dreams Do Come True”

  1. Yay for wishes and dreams coming true…for them and you. K bye.

  2. It takes a real man to ask out Ronda Rousey. Good on him!

  3. Pretty cool stuff tbh. I don’t think Rhonda is all that hot but I guess he does.

  4. Commendable effort!!!

  5. What woman could say no to a man in mufti. Not me. 😉

  6. Air Force boys don’t need cool dates. They get to fly some TRULY kick-ass hardware! (And yes, I consider flying things like a C-130 cool.) The Navy needs all the help they can get, after trading in the sex-on-wings F-14 for the so-so F-18 – maybe the F-35 (if it ever gets into production) will help ’em out…

    • The Air Force cries in public. Whole lotta awesome wasted on them.

      And, ladies and gentlemen… Please welcome John Erickson back from… the dead, hell, or maybe just heck. Or Toledo.

    • Welcome back, you.

      • HEY! Who are you calling a “you”? Haven’t you read enough of my schizoid writing to know I qualify as a “them”? Or an “us”? Or for the Southerners in the crowd, a “Damn Yankee!” … I mean, a y’all? 😀

        Don’t tell AFrankAngle yet, though, this is a sort of trial return. And a great way to remind y’all that I just HAVE to comment on the 70th anniversary of the end of WW2. Just not sure how to yet – but something will come to me while I wit to fall asleep. My muse loves tease me with ideas while I’m waiting for the drugs to knock me out for the night. My wife, my dog, my cats, even my muse is a smart-ass!

  7. Ahhh this blog was perfect 🙂 Between Donald Trump and Wet dreams in the intro paragraph… it sealed the deal. Not only that, the military commented also sealed the deal. I hope the Marine who asked Rhonda Rousey to the ball gets everything he wanted out of that date. That is pretty awesome to see celebrities take time out of their day to make someone’s else’s.

  8. Great idea and fab that it all works out.
    I am a total believer in dreams coming true, reach for them every day and one of mine is for all our military to get home safe.

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